Sunday, January 24, 2010

Change of plans

This is a picture of Lula.
My youngest daughter got out of her car one night, and before she got into her house, she heard this pathetic little squeak. She went to investigate, and she found this tiny, abandoned kitten.
She and her boyfriend were quickly enamored, and now Lula reigns.

From Crazy as a Loom

The reason you are getting a picture of Lula........other than that she is adorable, and takes a lovely photo, is this.
I screwed up today. Big time.
My friend and I went for a long drive to Vermont, looking to buy a loom. I know I don't need another loom, but that is never not the point.
The sun was shining. It was a beautiful winter's day.
Suddenly, I saw the mountains across the lake in New friend pulled over, I opened my Geek Bag, and got my camera and lens out.............I was actually standing on the side of the road for about a minute before what I would admit to myself what I knew.
The battery was dead.
Are you kidding me?????
My poor friend had to listen to my tirade. I was so annoyed with myself.
And then of course, there were winding roads along icy brooks, trees covered with snow. There were old houses and barns, ski slopes and winter scenes galore.
Then when we got to the place where the loom was, there were two black pygmy goats with the sweetest faces you have ever seen. And a woodworking shop with handmade buckboard wagons. And Percheron horses, and a team of oxen.
Shall I go on???
Hear me sigh. Loudly.
So instead, dear friends, you get Lula.

But if you're anything like me, Lula will make you smile.
And you'll just have to wait on the pictures.
I am thinking that I will charge my battery in the future, when I am planning a jaunt where pictures may abound.



Anonymous said...

Been there done that! So did you get, yet another loom?!

LA said...

You had me hooked....I just knew you were going to say that you had a new kitty! She is really adorable, though.
Well? Did you get the loom????

Hilary said...

Yes, yes, I got the loom....but that is another post!!!

weaverpat said...

Who needs lovely scenery, old houses, barns, goats etc. when there are adorable kittens to enjoy?
She's a cutie!!!

Hilary said...

But Lula is PERFECT. Oh how I want to kiss that furry little tummy!

I've done that with the batteries too. If it's in the budget, get a backup battery and always keep the spare charged.

Congrats on the new loom.

JC said...

She is adorable ^,,^

Sharon said...

You're right. Lula made me smile. Charlie had similar beginnings, a little mewling, oil-covered starving kitten on top of a tire in a wheel well. Now he's da boss. (You need a back-up battery.)

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Lula totally made me smile!!! My camera is shipped back to Canon for the moment, and I'm lost without it. I feel your pain!

KarenInTheWoods said...

OH such a cute kitty baby! As for the camera, DRAT on the battery! I bought three more batteries from a place on Ebay and keep them all in various states of charge. I also learned to bring along my charger cord in the camera case every time. It always seems I need something from the camera bag anyhow, like mini tripod, lens wipes or even the USB cord. We usually have a small inverter along in our car to plug into cigarette light and recharge cell phones, camera or run the laptop with GPS on it when we drive.

Unknown said...

Could be worse, at least you remembered your camera. I went to Mennonite country with a beautiful covered bridge while my camera stayed home to keep the dog and cat company. Oh yeah, Lula will suffice!

Be well

Mare said...

oh i love that little lula!

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Because every thread counts