Saturday, January 23, 2010

So shoot me.

From Crazy as a Loom

Yes, I did it again. All day. I amused myself, again.
Do I feel guilty, well..............not exactly.
I am filling the shelves with rugs that say summer. The only limitation is how much warp I have on the loom, and I started out with 70 yards just last week. So I am good for a while.
Next week, I will have to work on orders, and I will also have to clean. I don't expect the good fairy to come do any of it, and I can barely stand the mess I've made.
But not today.
Today was just more playing with color and fabric. Feeding my creative muse, and she has quite the appetite some days.
I am hating the cold weather. I should be out walking, like I planned to do, but I have no tolerance for it at all. I should be going to the YMCA, like I planned, but I have been so tired, that I have no motivation whatever to do anything that causes me to sweat.
I feel like a slug. I don't know how to get started again. This shingles thing has derailed me. And I don't like it one bit.
There. That feels better.

The truth is that lately,I'd rather be doing something else besides exercising. Actually, I would rather be doing just about 'anything' else. What is wrong with me?
Every time I think about starting some exercise program, I think maybe I should sleep on it first.
Oh, dear.


T said...

Oh I so understand the shingles thing - I had an episode last summer and I'm still hurting (awful, deep pain!) and numb in that spot! Take care!

The rugs are just beautiful.....the blue one is just to lovely!

Sharon said...

No one exercises because it's fun - at least, I can't. I ran for years because I loved it - the knees quit. I don't love to exercise so I walk the dogs now and while I know it's not genuine exercise - so beit. I think a manual loom is exercise, at least my back muscles and thighs think so.

Country Girl said...

First off, you are not a slug. You are creating these beautiful rugs. Slugs do nothing all day long but crawl along and slime things up.

Second, it will come. The desire to move will come. Sometimes yes, you have to force yourself. I hate to exercise. So I walk. I think it counts for something.

Benita said...

Scott is the same about exercise, so I bought him (us) the Beck Diet Solution book. Not a diet, but a Cognitive Therapy book on how to change the way you think. It came recommended, but we just started so I can't tell you how well it works, yet.

BTW - I love the rugs! It's nice to see some color in these gray, dreary days of winter - it's been a solid gray here for over a week. I miss the sun. I think I love the blue sky in your picture as much as I love the rugs.

bspinner said...

It takes an illness to make us appreciate our health. Don't be so hard on yourself you're probably doing more than most poeple do when they are 100%. Take it easy and continue to heal.

Daniel Dragomirescu said...

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Because every thread counts