Crazy as a Loom

Friday, October 23, 2009

Here comes the rain.

Cranbrook warped.
Cranbrook threaded, and tied on.

NOW, if I can just get the countermarch system through my thick head, and get it tied up so I have a shed big enough to accommodate a shuttle, I will start weaving.

Heavy rain predicted for tomorrow, and I am not surprised. This week has been a comedy of errors, but I am not laughing presently.
You know about the squirrels, if not you could go here and read about the cause of my misery. Or at least one of them.
I am limping around, though my xray says my foot is OK, believe me when I say that it is not. Very painful, whatever it is. Podiatrist appt November 11th. Can't wait.

Then there is the saga of the Monitor heater, if you would like to read about them, you could go here to get the lowdown. But I can tell you this, as economical as they are, the money I have spent in repairs and maintenance certainly puts a new spin on it.
Now I have a heater that is in the repair shop, again. And a tank full of kerosene that is tilting, and needs to be pumped out, and needs a brand new cement pad built.
Are you hearing coins falling??? Money rustling????
Cause you should be.
So I have tried all week to put this all in perspective. It could be worse.
Other people have bigger problems.

This morning I got up early, and went grocery shopping. I had three people coming for a weaving weekend. I spent $144.86 on all kinds of wonderful things to feed them, roast chicken and biscuits for dinner, chef salad for lunch, french toast with sausage for breakfast.
Then I went to the studio, unpacked everything, and finished the cleaning job that I have been working on all week. I cleaned and brought in wood pellets, I made soup, and roasted squash. I was busy all day, never stopped.
They called about noon, and said they were in route, and wanted to know what time dinner was.
The roast chicken was waiting to go in the oven.
Then about 2pm, they called again. Due to a phone call that relayed the unexpected death of someone close, they were cancelling.
Would I give them back their deposit??
Caught off guard, and feeling terrible about their misfortune, I said yes.

So all the perishable food got packed up, and loaded back into my car.
All the plans I had for my weekend are thrown out the door. Phone calls are made to make adjustments all over the place.
I am getting flack from my family because I said I would give the deposit back. For all my trouble, and money spent on food, the general consensus is that I should have kept it, of at least half of it.
Well, at least I have a huge pot of fantastic soup, Ribollita, that I made from a recipe over at Kayotic Kitchen. It is a great recipe, and it is delicious. I highly recommend it, and in fact, I am thinking it will go quite well with a glass of pinot grigio, or maybe even two glasses.


Gail said...

Looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it is food that will keep so you are not out the money. Money spent on food, good food, is never a waste of money. Sorry to hear the plans had to change. That's life, isn't it? Sometimes you just have to go with the flow in order to be happy.

Stay warm!

Cait Throop said...

Oh yes, two glasses!!! I would have done the same thing (about the deposit)--perhaps stupidly's all good karma anyway!! And that soup look really good!!! xo Cait

Candy Duell said...

Yes it does look delicious! I love soup and I think I will try that.

It also sounds like you need a well deserved vacation.

Question 3, the cats cant get up to where the squirrels are and chase them away???

Hilary said...

I would be afraid that the squirrels would hurt them. And I have one who is athletic enough to climb right out the hole in the eave.
No, that would just be more stress.
If my pit bull were younger, and could still see good, he might be checking it out. He WOULD chase them out, and he couldn't fit through the hole.
They say that you get what you did I need this? Apparently.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Hilary, you are a good person and giving the deposit back in the face of a family death was the right thing to do. I know you will get it back in other ways, and things will work out. I see you as a kind, caring, loving individual, and good things will come your way! (plus you can invited over some friends to share the good food?)

Delighted Hands said...

Disappointing that they cancelled but your kindnes now will reap rewards later on-I am sure they will reschedule. The house maintenance is normal, unfortunately, and is a must. You can roll with that. I love the way you have warped the loom to match that lovely room it is in-so restful to view!

Lori said...

This post says so much of the grand kind of person that you are and I know that was not the intention of your post here. I am believer that what goes around does come around. Yes, I know it is disappointing and it cost you money to have them cancel but in the face of death what other option did they have? The compassion you showed them will come back to you ten-fold. I pray blessings upon you for your compassionate heart. Your hard work will pay off in the end. The food sounds most delicious and makes me wish I lived there and could stop by for lunch! Happy weekend. XXOO Lori

Mare said...

Quoting the Beatles~ "And in the end, the Love you take, is equal to the Love you make" Sounds to me like you did a very loving thing, by stepping aside and giving those folks their money back. I am SURE that kindness will come back to you my friend....

Hilary said...

Ahh, no need to say what I was about to type. I see the general sentiments above mirror my own. Things have a way of working out in the end.

Sharon said...

I do get such enjoyment out of those creative beings who leave their art pieces for the rest of us to enjoy.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts