Saturday, October 17, 2009

Purse mode.

I have been finishing up some small totes. These two are denim, and my sewing machine would NOT sew them. So I sewed them up by hand. Good reason not to make many blue jean bags.
Yup, they are all different, whatever moves me at the moment. I like to make a few of them, and then sew them up. One time I made about 15 of them, and I was sewing for two days. I would rather weave. So if I just do this many, and put them all together in a day, it is more enjoyable.
I get in purse modes/moods, or sock rug mode, or lodge rug mode. That is why you can never have too many looms.
New development. My foot is killing me, all of a sudden. Pain that increases over the course of a day, right under my 3rd and 4th toe. I told my husband I have Morton's neuroma. That is my diagnosis. Treatment is injections, and as a last resort, surgery.
I am getting an xray tomorrow, and on to a podiatrist as soon as I can get in.
But I am taking bets that I am right.

Remember I talked about forgiveness not long ago??
I did let my resentment go, and I felt so much better.
Now I am struggling a bit with this question. Do people who do hurtful, shameful things, change?
Can they? And at what point do you believe them when they say they have changed? When they say so? Or only after they have shown you?
And what about people who suddenly get religion when they are caught being "not so nice"? Is it just convenient? Is it just more deception?

Questions. Questions.
For now, I am just letting it go, hoping that clarity will come.

I took half of today off.......I did.
I relaxed on the couch, and started knitting a cable scarf. I drank tea, and waited for the lasagna to cook.
That man of mine is a GOOD cook.
mm, mm.


Lona said...

Beautiful bags!

Do they change? Not your problem. (I know, I hate my answer, too.) You've done your part be letting go of the resentment. That is no easy task, to be sure!

And people who seemingly conveniently "get religion"? Some are genuine; some are not. The Bible says you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. Stand back and watch to see what happens. (Though in defense of all of us who have "got religion", we still screw up. And long-standing habits sometimes linger longer than we want them to.)

Sorry about your foot. Got any sit-down looms in that gorgeous old studio?

Cait Throop said...

Oh Hilary! Who can think with Van Morrison singing!!!! So your totes, very yummy!! and religioun, hmmm...I certainly have no answers just more questions and people who have all the answers make me very leery...Have to say your studio is to die for, really!!
xo Cait

Hilary said...

Those bags look great! Your foots sounds to be very painful. I don't doubt your self-diagnosis - my own are almost always right too. I hope it eases up for you and that the cure is simpler than surgery.

Questions.. I think trust returns much in the way forgiveness happens - when it feels right and you're ready for it, and not until then.

DelightedHands said...

Love the totes! I wondered as soon as I saw the jean ones how you got it under the sewing machine-not surprised! So how much does the bj ones weigh? I don't think forgiving and trusting have to go together. You forgive what they have done to you and themselves; you don't have to put yourself in their crosshairs anymore.

Hilary said...

Oh, I love all your answers.....they ring so true.

Daryl said...

I had a neuroma in that very spot. I took injections over a 3 yr period before I decided the steroids were not helping and that they would do more harm in the long run, I had surgery and have never regretted it ... that was 15 yrs ago and well its your foot, your pain but trust me, get the surgery ..

And are you selling those fabulous tote bags? I didnt see them on your other site ... could you email me with info? Thanks!

bety said...

I think forgiveness is something you give yourself more than anyone your forgiving, because being angry, resentful and hurting affects you, not the person that did you wrong. As of all of a sudden getting religion, I can't answer that because that is a personal journey between the person and God, we can judge that only time and action will tell.

I love the bags they are really great looking, seem really roomy enough to carry around some knitting.

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Because every thread counts