Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm being watched.

Mug rugs. Mug mats. Whatever you want to call them. They are instant gratification......well, almost instant. And what I love about them is that I use up all kinds of scrappy stuff that I don't exactly know what else to do with.
And that is fun, to me. I make them in sets of 4, sets of 2, and then I make a whole bunch of singles in different colors, for those people who like to mix and match.
I just ordered a Wolf Pup, which is only 18" wide, so I can have it set up for these all the time. I can't wait.
This 60" Cranbrook has been upstairs in the front bedroom, also known as the "President's Room", for 4 years. It was in my attic at home for a year before that. I bought a sectional beam for it 3 years ago. And finally, I am putting a warp on it.
I am going to make 4' x 6' lodge rugs on it, hopefully a stack of them.

Problem was that I couldn't put the tension box on the round metal bar. I called my friend, Chris, in Indiana, and she suggested a table.
This little stand was actually in the front bedroom, and the little towel rod actually keeps the tension box steady.
I put 40 yards of brown tweed warp on, and I will thread it tomorrow. I will be weaving on this loom by next week.

The cats like to be wherever I am. I suppose that they have a schedule that is different from cats who live in a regular household.
They wait for me every morning. Then they play and sleep wherever I am. Not all of them, all the time. But there is usually one or two of them in the same room that I am in. Sometimes they lay on whatever I am weaving, and sometimes they make me stop and give them attention. They know what they want.
So while I was warping the Cranbrook, Kizzy and Jinx were playing on the bed.
Oh, love me, don't you??
Ooh, that's my neck..........ooh.
Be gentle, Kizzy.
Listen, buddy........
Oh, that tickles....stop....stop.
Oh, I can't breathe...stopppppp. don't want to play???
I know you do..........
Where'd he go?

Sometimes, at the end of the day, when I am getting ready to leave, they are sitting around watching me, and SOMETIMES I suspect that they are thinking......whew, good, she is leaving. Now we can really play.

Oh, OK, bye....see you tomorrow.......


Sweetpea said...

I just love, love, love your MUG MATS! But I can't figure out anywhere on your blog (or website) to click so that I can buy/order a few. Would you please let me know how I might order them? Thanks much!!

Christi C.
WA state

Theresa said...

I was smiling the whole way through looking at those cats play! My two barn cats do the same thing. I see them running and jumping each other out in the fields around the house and in the barn. Too cute. Nice set up on the loom and I just have to say, the wallpaper, I haven't seen wallpaper like that in years. It takes me back. I miss wall paper and if I could get away with it, I would.
Congrats on the new little mug rug Wolf Pup loom!

Hilary said...

Christi....I don't have them on my web site, because I can't get enough of them made....hopefully that will change with this new small loom that I can use just for them. Email me so I have your email address, and tell me what colors you would like....I will be making them as soon as the wolf pup comes and I get it warped up.
Theresa....the wall paper is actually new.....4 years ago when we were rehabbing the house, I wanted to repaper with something that looked like the original, and I found this at a local wallpaper store, on the shelf!! And amazingly, the room in this 200+ year old house, is square. Gotta love it.

Delighted Hands said...

A house of looms, fibers and cats........just heavenly! The mug rugs are a grea idea for the little bits of neat yarn-love 'em!

Gail said...

What wonderful treasures you have...a job you love and kitties.

Anonymous said...

Your kitties are hysterical! Love the games they play.


Anonymous said...

How do you measure out the 40 yards going through the tension box? Is there a counter I don't see, or do you go by the length on the cone?
Jaimie in IL

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Thanks for sharing the kitties;) I got a great laugh out of them playing;)

Country Girl said...

Your cats are so cute, Hilary. I love that you keep creating.

India said...

Cats are wonderful. Your looks just like mine.

Hilary said...

Oh cats are always thinking.. planning.. plotting. Gotta love them.

I like the idea of your instant gratification pieces. Of course you know what they say about instant gratification... it takes too long. ;)

Hope you're having a great day!

Karen said...

thank you for the idea of using a table for the tension box. Mine never stays on the beam, makes me crazy when it falls so much. Can't wait to try that. Love the cat pictures, and the mug rugs, too.

Daryl said...

hi Hilary, I am over from Kate(CCGirl)'s blog .. love those kits, they remind me of my 'nephews' ... my own two are too far apart in age to play that way .. so thanks for the BIG grins!

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Because every thread counts