Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glad to be home

A couple of weeks ago, a lady called me and asked if I would give a presentation about Crazy as a Loom Weaving Studio, at a mother daughter dinner at the United Church in Greenwich.
I said, sure.
What possessed me?
I have no clue. Except that I love to talk about what I do, and I was sure that these were very nice people who wanted to hear my story.
So last evening, my mother and I took a drive to Greenwich, about a 40 minute drive. I stopped to take these pictures of the Battenkill River.
I never know exactly what I am going to say, but I am always sure that once I get started, I will be fine. I usually start with how I learned to weave, then talk about how I bought the house in Kingsbury, and go from there.
I spend quite a bit of time talking about HOW I do what I do and what materials I use. My business is all about recycling, so I bring samples of everything I use to make rugs with.
They were very attentive, and when I was finished, they all came up and posed with my rugs.

On the way there, I told my mother not to chirp in with any comments while I was talking, because I would lose my train of thought. She said, "Oh, my goodness, I won't do that.....I don't even know these people, I wouldn't dream of talking to them".
When I finished my little spiel, several women came up to look over the rugs, and I wandered over to see what my mother was up to. She was talking animatedly, and all the women at her table were laughing loudly.
Yup. That's my mother. She wouldn't DREAM of talking to people she didn't know.
The truth of the matter is that she would start up a conversation with a convicted felon.
So today, Tammy and I worked on the blue jean rugs, and here is one of them, ready to have its fringes tied.
Now the big news at the studio is that for two mornings in a row, I have found little puddles of "pee" on the hardwood floor. I have two cats, so I figured one of them was guilty. But they never, ever go outside the litter box, so this behavior was totally unlike either one of them. I called the vet, and he said that it was likely that one of them had a urinary tract infection.
But which one????
I put my 4 and 5 year old granddaughters on the case. They spent quite a bit of time, "spying" on the cats, to see if they could catch the culprit. No luck.
So I decided to take a chance. Kismet looked the most contented and carefree of the two, so Miss Puss got the trip to the vet.
She was not happy.
But she WAS the one. So I picked her up this morning, because she stayed the night at the vet's, waiting to get a urine sample from her. And apparently, she was VERY happy to be home. While she is not usually a cuddly cat, she did spend a lot of time on the bench next to us, while we were weaving.
Then she jumped up on the loom, and if you think cats can't talk, well, check this out. Seems to me like she is saying plenty.

Tis true, folks, there is NO place like home.


bspinner said...

Those are most adorable cat pictures I've seen in ages. What a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

Look how kitty is enjoying herself....

The photo of the river is nice. Look how glassy and calm the water looks.

The Blue Ridge Gal

AJ said...

Hope your kitty if feeling better by now! Love your pictures

Karen said...

Hi Hilary, just loved the cat pictures, they are adorable! Is she doing better?

Hope your Mom wasn't telling stories of you as a kid.

Theresa said...

LOL, great pictures! What a happy cat to be home. Hope she is on the mend as I type. Sounds like it was a wonderful talk for all parties.

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Because every thread counts