Thursday, May 21, 2009

Break in Maine

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Finally, hubby and I got away for a couple of a favorite place of mine. Lafayett'es Oceanfront Resort in Wells Beach. It is right on the water, and this time of year, it is beautifully quiet and not a bit crowded.
I love the sound of the waves. Both nights we were there, we left the sliding glass doors open so we could fall asleep to the music of the water hitting the shore.
These first pictures were taken at dusk, it was windy, and a little chilly.
But my theory is that you might as well go to Maine off season. You can't swim in the ocean in July anyway, it is too cold in my opinion.

As you can see, there aren't many people out there on the beach.
We got to eat lots of fresh fish.
We spent some time in the great outlets in Kittery.
We swam in the pool, and soaked in the hot tub.

Just lots of sand, and lots of rocks.
Did I ever tell you that I love rocks?
Two nights and three days wasn't really long enough, but it was better than nothing at all.
Before we left we stopped at our favorite breakfast spot.
We got a box to go!
And here they are.


Hilary said...

I KNEW we had more in common than just our names. My heart did a little flip-flop when I saw the Congdon's sign and doughnut package! I spent a Valentine's weekend near (maybe at?) Wells about 7 years ago. All I kept hearing was that we HAD to stop and get some Congdon's doughnuts on the way home. I thought "How good could doughnuts possibly be?" I found out. They were the BEST I'd ever tasted. I couldn't believe how they were so good compared to anything else I'd ever had. I still have their beige and green travel coffee mug somewhere. :) Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

Hilary said...

Too funny.....see, I told you that I "knew" you.
Maybe we sat at nearby tables 7 years ago, and that is why you look so familiar.....
Years ago, I worked in Maine....and lived in a small town there....went to the local grocery store every day. They had a butcher there....and I used to talk to him all the the course of conversation he said he was from Canada....I said, ah, I used to go to Canada with my parents as a child, ever year. He said he lived in Ontario....I said, that is where I used to go. He said, well, you wouldn't know the little town where I lived.....I said, no? what was the name. He said Wiarton. My mouth dropped.....I said that is exactly where we went, year after year....Wiarton, Ontario, on Bruce Peninsula......he said who did you know there? I said .....Allen Law.
His mouth dropped.
Not only did he know him, they were good friends.
And we met in China, Maine at the China grocery store.
Small world.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the pictures of Wells! Looks like you had a great break!!

And thanks for the tip about Congdon's. I haven't had their donuts before, but I'll probably get a chance to sometime this summer! Good to know!


Sharon said...

I feel that when we stay at my brother-in-law's place in Oceanside, California. There's nothing as rich as the sound of surf. The sunsets are wonderful - I look forward to every trip. How wonderful for you - I know what you mean.

Country Girl said...

Oh, I so need to come here more often! Beautiful post. I love the Maine coast.

Hilary said...

Please come to have you.

Unknown said...

What a pretty spot! Those donuts look really good!

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts