Monday, February 9, 2009

Thrums (a giveaway) and Totes

Today I finished putting together 11 tote bags. They are big enough to be beach bags (21"x21" measured flat), but I like to call them "Simply Rag Bags". They don't have closures, they don't have linings, they don't have "dividers", they don't have a little pocket for your cell phone. They don't really have any remarkable features. They are tote bags, large, strong, functional. And of course, I think they are quite attractive.
My theory is this. I buy handbags all the time, they have all those aforementioned features. But when my cell phone rings in my purse, can I reach in and find it in the little compartment designated to contain it? Heck, no. If it didn't light up, I would NEVER find it. Same with a small bottle of Ibuprofen, which doesn't light up; pens, breath mints loose change, frequently dollar bills, receipts, a nail clipper, a concealer, and lip gloss.........oh, let's be honest here. My hand bag is a nightmare most of the time, and I know that no amount of compartmentalizing is going to change that. So I say, just go with it. Thus," simply rag bags'. They are what they are. Love them, or don't, just don't try to make them into anything complicated. And they're washable. Can't hate that. The inside of my Dooney and Bourke bag could benefit from the wash cycle, but no such luck.
Next on my schedule, among many other things in between, are tote bags half that size. They will also be unadorned. Unless I get some crazy as a loom ideas, then who knows. But the plan is: simple.
Now over the course of the last three years, almost 4, since I bought the house in Kingsbury, and opened the studio there, I have been producing lots of thrums. For those of you who don't know what that is, thrums are the excess threads that get cut off the loom or the finished product. I would normally toss them on the floor, and sweep them up later. But right before Christmas, I decided to start saving them for the birds. If you look down the left side of the page, you will see a suet holder, and it is filled with thrums. I plan to put them out in the spring when birds are making nests. Right now, they aren't real interested in anything they can't eat.
Thing is, I am one productive little weaver up here in the frozen northeast, and I am collecting bags and bags of thrums. After reading about several different giveaways on other peoples' blogs, I realized that there might be other bird enthusiasts out there who don't make thrums.
So here is a giveaway for anyone who wants colorful birds nests in their neighborhood, all you have to do is email me at with your address, and I will mail you some thrums. Sorry, no color preference! You have to get your own suet container. You can buy them at the pet store, or the super market. They are very cheap.
I mean, after all, why should I be the only one with beautiful birds' nests!!!


Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

The thrums--what a clever idea! I'd be signing up for mine, except then what would I do with the hair from my two German Shepherds?

Hilary said...

Yes, but THESE will give you COLOR.
No offense to your pups.
You could mix them.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts