Saturday, February 14, 2009

Did I happen to mention that I am getting OLD?
Just kidding. We have had a good day, me and Ava and Gabs. Busy. I forget how busy little bodies can be. I think that I am usually pretty good at packing my days full, but omg, they put a brand new spin on that.
Last night we played paper dolls. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I did that, and the quality of paper dolls has not only changed, but putting the clothes on them is way more complicated than I remember. I think maybe some things are better left uncomplicated.
First thing this morning, we are getting dressed and ready to go to the studio, I am fresh out of the shower, and Gabby says, " Mimi, why are you so fat?"
Now I admit to having an extra 20 lbs on this body, but I am not grossly obese, or even close.
Anyway, I answered with a straight face, and tried to be as honest as possible.
I said, "I eat too much."
Gabby says, "Hmm. Sounds to me like you got a eating infection."
Silence from me.
Wow, who knew.
I guess I should have figured that one out. It isn't my fault, I am sick! I need help! All this worry about this 20 lbs, and now I find out the truth. It's an infection!
Dear Lord.
So we are on the way to the studio, at last. They are both in their car seats in the back. A moment of quiet, and suddenly, a blast from the back seat that almost evicted me through the sunroof.
"Wheeeeeeee, put your HANDS in the air!!!!!! It's a FREE RIDE!!!!!!!!"
When I regained my composure, I asked the perpetrator of this shriek, Gabby, who is a few weeks shy of 5 years old, what the heck that was about. She answered, matter of factly, that we were going down a hill, and it was like a roller coaster, kinda, and so it was a free ride.
Okey dokey, then. So we get to the studio, just 8 miles away, and they settle into their usual routine. They play, they get out the BOX, full of markers and crayons, and glue sticks and paper.
They go upstairs to the "rose" bedroom, where their little table and chairs is waiting. And they play with the dishes, and talk to each other in some code that I am unable to decipher.
They are always hungry, and always thirsty. I can't imagine why THEY don't have one extra ounce of fat anywhere.
I like having them in the studio....they are comfortable there, they wander through the house, imagining and making up stories of their own. My dream is that one day they will come and weave.
Gabby wanted to go out to the labyrinth, but the snow was too deep.
They love to go upstairs via the main staircase, and then come back down through the attic, and then the old staircase. I feel like the paparazzi, following them around with camera in hand. And they are loving the attention of this unannounced photo shoot.
The cats, who are not used to all this commotion, allow a couple of fleeting scratches on the head, and then they run and hide.
This afternoon, we went to lunch and a movie. Eating a Caesar salad with grilled chicken in the dark is not something I recommend, but the salad was excellent. Hotel For Dogs was pretty far fetched, but perfectly suitable for the ages of the company I was keeping.
Dinner is over now and they are ready for the tub. I am tired, in a good way. I can't quite imagine why people whose children have grown up would want to start again and have another family, though I know some people do. I think they need their heads examined, to coin a phrase.
But I want my grandchildren to know me.
I want to know them. I know how quickly they will grow up. This time will never come again.


Anonymous said...

Love this post... brings back memories of the hours my sister and I spent playing with paper dolls, barbies, and lots and lots of pretending. I see why your granddaughters being there with you. It's like their own little fantasy world. AND, they are just so dang cute!

Happy Valentines Day
The Blue Ridge Gal (who also has that same infection you have. lol)

Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

I hope you're reclining on a sofa, eating chocolates! You deserve it.

Hilary said...

Paper dolls and tea parties. Little girls haven't changed much over the decades. If I'd had daughters, I might have known this. Maybe my sons will, and I can one day serve them pretend tea and play with dolls again. Your granddaughters are beautiful. I'm so glad you're enjoying them. :)

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Because every thread counts