Friday, February 27, 2009

I've got the blues.

Today is the first day all week that I didn't feel like my head was going to fall right off.
I got thinking about a custom rug I made not long ago, for a couple in Florida. They live near the beach, and they wanted a rug that was blue, white, sea green........they described their perfect rug as clean, crisp and reminiscent of the waves. I made the rug, and it was even nicer than I had planned. It was a huge rug, and their living room is spacious, with white furniture. I loved the rug, and so did they.
Take into consideration that I have a BARN FULL of fabric, and more blue fabric than I care to count, and "I've Got the Blues" seemed like a good idea.
I had fun with this today......I still don't feel wonderful, and my energy level is pretty low, but this project cheered me up. I plan on weaving a lot more of these, and putting them on my web site as soon as they are made.
I am excited.........because I love having ideas, and watching them come to fruition, and because I might actually be feeling better soon.

It rained all day here......but at least it was warm. I'm all for that. I climbed over the shrinking snow bank to get to the barn, so I could paw through the rolls of "blues". When it is really cold outside, the barn is even icier. Today it was quite comfortable.
But oh, I long for spring. I want to plant flowers, build a trellis, dig in the dirt, and walk the labyrinth. I have a truck load of rocks to move around. I want to dye rolls of fabric outside in a big, plastic trough, on a sunny day. I want to walk my old dog down by the river, and see which one of us tires out first. It will probably be me. Spring can't come soon enough. But in the meantime, I will make my own sunshine at the loom, being blue.

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Life Looms Large said...

Those are gorgeous rugs!!! Great colors - and I'm so impressed that you made that giant rug for the room in Florida! It looks great in that picture!

Glad you're starting to feel better! Hope that's the start of a trend!


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Because every thread counts