Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ocean waves

This is the 7' x 12' rug that just came off the loom today. It is going to Florida. I wish I were going with it! It has a crisp and clean look, blues and seagreens and white. I love it! And that is such a good feeling, to take a rug off the loom, and love it. It is exactly the kind of custom order that I like, when the customer gives me the colors, tells me what they want it to look like, and then encourages me to make the rug I envision. Tammy, my apprentice, helped me with this one, since it is 7 ft wide. She did a great job, her edges are looking more consistent all the time.
Now we are digging into a 200 lb bale of upsholstery selvedge, to make more Adirondack Lodge rugs.
When I left the studio yesterday, I had a deep tissue massage. My first ever. It was marvelous, and if I were rich, I would have one every day. I was totally relaxed for the rest of the evening, and slept better than I have slept in a long time. Until 6:45am, when the next door neighbor decided to snow blow his driveway. Unbelievable. Times like this, I really miss living in the country. I waited about 15 minutes, and got up. No sense in staying in bed. I wasn't going back to sleep.
By the time I got downstairs, I looked out, and he was snow blowing OUR driveway, AND our walk. Totally ruining any thought I had of being angry with him all day. What a guy.

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous rug!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts