Friday, January 23, 2009

New camera

All week, I have been debating and researching a new camera. My web site depends on good photos. And sometimes, they are grainy, or the color is not as clear as I would like it to be. And I spend a lot of time taking pictures. As soon as I finish a couple of rugs, I tie fringe, and I take pictures. And I measure the rug, log it in to my inventory, make a tag for it, then put the pic on the computer. I find that if I don't get all this done right away, I lose track of what is, and what isn't, on my web site. And trying to figure it all out takes more time than I want to spend on it. But quite frequently, I will do all this, and find the picture to be less than acceptable, so I have to go back and do it all over again.
Now I am not the most organized person you will ever meet. But I do have this plan, every day, in my head. I know what I want to accomplish, and which direction I am headed. I don't always get it all done, because my nature demands that I "imagine" more than I am actually capable of completing in any given time. But I do like to stay on target. A camera that makes me do things over and over, to get it even close to what I want, does not really work for me.
But when I shopped online for cameras, I thought about spending the money, and the fact that January is typically a slow month. I dragged my feet, and found myself looking for a sign.
Yesterday, I had a really HUGE sale, three big rugs, and a smaller one. Wow! I was pumped!! I found a box big enough, packed them up, and left the studio a bit early. I went right to the local camera shop, Ray's Supply, in Glens Falls. Even though I search and research online, I like to buy locally. It is, in my opinion, the right thing to do. My husband and I do not agree on this one.
When I got there, with the big box of rugs in the back of my car, the first thing I saw was the UPS truck. Now, I have been jokingly been called a "UPS stalker", because when I leave the studio at the end of the day, with boxes in the car, I am headed to the big UPS center to drop them off. They are open from 3:30pm to 6:30pm ONLY. If the UPS man comes to the studio to drop something off, then I give him what I have. And occasionally I schedule a pickup. But that has its down side. First of all, they charge more to pick it up. But mostly, you never know when they will show up. It could be 3, 5, 7........and I don't want to wait for them. So I am always looking for the UPS man. If you can find a truck, and you have your paperwork done, they will take your boxes.
So here I was, at the camera shop, to buy my new camera, and the UPS truck was there just like he was waiting for me. I considered that an absolute sign that I was on the right track.
So after much discussion, I bought a Nikon D40. It is plenty of camera for me. Yes, I looked at the D90, the one that Ashton Kutcher sports around on all those big commercials. It was tempting, for sure. And of course, like a lot of people, I tend to think that the biggest, most expensive must be the best. But this time, I did my homework. And it wasn't the best camera for me.
The battery is charged, and I am off to the studio to try it out. I haven't read the whole manual, but I can still play a bit, until I do.
My husband, who reserves the right to tell me that I am out of control, surprised me when I showed him the camera. He said, " That is VERY nice. You deserve it".
Wow. Again.

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Candy Duell said...

You do deserve it Hilary! It is so nice to have a good camera that you enjoy taking pictures, and that you like the pictures. Enjoy!

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Because every thread counts