Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sheila's Rug

I worked on Sheila's rug today, for the new "sitting room" that she and Nancy have made by knocking down a wall in their house. I love weaving rugs that are designed "on the fly"......searching around for just the right color, one shuttle at a time. Here it is.......I love it.....and I hope Sheila and Nancy do, too. It measures 5'x10'.
A young man stopped by today, when he walked in and looked around, he had that look of an animal caught in headlights.......what the ............?
He wanted to sell me space in the mall!!!!! I told him that wouldn't work, since I have to be at the studio weaving rugs, and working. I can't be sitting around waiting for retail traffic.......and I don't have time to sit at the mall selling rugs. He said there would be room at the mall for my loom....he pointed to the 7' Toika. I almost fell off the stool I was sitting on, I didn't have the heart to tell him how totally clueless he was. If I told my husband we had to take the Toika apart to take it to the mall for a 2 month seasonal kiosk, he would kill me, for sure.
Today was a beautiful fall day......sunshine, the rustle of leaves, colors to die for.

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Because every thread counts