Thursday, October 23, 2008

my new helper

Today I had my 4 year old granddaughter, Gabriella, at the studio. I was weaving a rug, and she played for awhile. Then she wanted to help me clean up. So she swept, and I found that being behind her with the broom in her hand was not a good place to be. She held the bag while I put cut socks in it from a box I had filled. Then she found a huge basket, and it was empty. That was not good, in her mind, to be empty. So I suggested that she fill it with Christmas table runners that I had stashed in a drawer. So she diligently rolled each and every one of them, and stood them up in this basket, and I must say she did an awesome job. She was very quiet, and I couldn't see her in the next room, so I kept asking her if she was OK. She kept saying yes.
At one point, after I saw what a good job she was doing, I said to her, "Gee, Gabs, Mimi is going to have to hire you to work for her."
A little voice came back, "OK, just call me in the morning."

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Because every thread counts