Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I love October. The only bad thing about October, is that it reminds me of my Dad, who died on October 20th. I always said I would never miss him, our relationship was so rocky for so long. But of course, that is far from the truth. I miss him terribly.
October though, is my favorite month. I love the long shadows, the bursts of sunshine and warmth, the colors..........oh, my......the colors. And I love the feeling that I have have always had, when autumn comes. I can never exactly put my finger on it, but it is a feeling of such " peace and plenty". I want it to last forever.
Today I got a,lot of cutting done.....socks......socks, and more socks. Bill says I should do a Utube video of the sock process, like I have time. But it is an interesting concept.
I use my Eastman chickadee cutter, I have two of them, and they are worth their weight in GOLD, no lie. I cut the sock seconds in 1" strips, discarding the toe, and the elastic at the top. I bag them up when I get a box full......I try to cut some every day, otherwise, it is a daunting task.
Then they have to be looped, and I went on Craig's list and advertised, and right now have 3, maybe 4, people who are looping, and I am hoping that they stick with it and are reliable. So far, so good. The sock strips are interspersed with the toe clips, and the toe clips are used 2 or 3 as one.
Then I warp the loom at 10epi, with a multicolored warp, usually whatever I have leftover from other projects. It is a great way to use up smaller spools, as long as they are colorful. I use a tension box, and a spool rack, and wind them onto the sectional beam on the back of my Union Custom, and put at least 100 yards on it.
I use cotton warp for the header, double thickness, and do seven shots. I weave the rug, 2 ft wide, and 44" long. That makes a generous 2' x 3' rug.
I cut about 3 boxes today, then I moved on to the Toika. I have an order for a 4'x6' for a lady in Spain...my first international order! But I have a warp on the loom, and I need to weave it off, so I started that today, a lodge rug in varied colors. I got alot of it done, and hopefully will finish it tomorrow. This will be a rug for my friends, Sheila and Nancy, for their new "sitting room".

I packed up stuff for the Adirondack Business Show on Thursday, in Glens Falls, at the Queensbury Hotel. This is the first one of those I have ever done. I just recently joined the Chamber of Commerce, hoping that it will help me out with local business.

Eddie is recovering well, he is presently lying on the other end of the couch, with his legs across my feet. He is SOUND asleep. His age is catching up to him, in some ways he acts older, but in so many ways he still acts like a puppy. He feels so much better, it is such a relief.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Mack, his wife Noelle, and all his staff, up in Ticonderoga. I trusted them to take good care of him, and they did.
Life is good.

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Candy Duell said...

I am glad your eddie is back home and feeling better. Also glad to see you keeping your blog up :) Talk to you soon!

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts