Monday, October 6, 2008

Plan B

Seems lately that Plan B is the order of the day.
I didn't get any weaving done today, I had good intentions, but Eddie, my pit bull, age 11, became very ill. The day was spent getting him to the vet, waiting for him to be seen, and eventually driving away without him. Years ago, he had a bowel obstruction after eating his tennis ball. His symptoms last night, and today, were similar, and I feared the worst. But it turns out that he has pancreatitis. Better I guess, than a bowel obstruction, not being too sure how his "older" body would handle major surgery. But he is one sick puppy, that's for sure.
My mother and I had a conversation on the way home that we have had before.........questioning why we keep getting dogs, and cats, when we know we will outlive them, and that our hearts will be broken every time we lose one of them. But the answer is always the same.......the love and devotion, company, loyalty, friendship and joy that they give us, far outweighs the pain of their passing.
I am praying that Eddie has more time with me. He is my buddy, and part of the fabric of my life. He is in good hands, with the vet who saved him 8 years ago. He will be getting IV fluids, pain meds, and antibiotics for the next few days. I hope my next entry is about bringing him home.

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