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Wednesday, May 26, 2021


First off.....the soup recipe is in the tab at the top  of the page......enjoy.

FYI it will not be the same if you don't use the red lentils, they cook and break up differently....makes the soup to be honest.

So here it is, my new table and chairs, I think at least one of my daughters thinks that I have lost my mind, but I love it.

I'm ordering a bigger round rug, this one is a bit small, it should be here Friday.

To be honest, this is more me.......I'm not fancy, just never have subscribed to that, it doesn't feel natural to me.  This is old, used, it has been loved.

It's home.

Just one of the chairs has arms.  The chairs don't match the table, the table could stand a refinish.
I still love it.

Several weeks ago, I started having this pain in the ball of my felt like there was something in my foot.  Youngest daughter went at it with a needle, but found nothing.

So I've been limping around on it, and it hurts.   A couple of weeks ago, I saw a local podiatrist.  The podiatrist I have seen in the past, is over an hour away, so I decided to give this new guy a try.

Big mistake.

He looked at it, didn't touch it........said, nope it's not a foreign body, and it's not a plantar's wart, which is what I thought it "might" be.  He put a FOAM cushion under my sole in that exact spot, and sent me on my way.

Nurses are notoriously lousy patients,  and I am no exception.  I was not happy.

I limped around another week, and made an appointment with my regular guy, and took the drive today.

Thank GOD.  

It WAS  a foreign body, trying to work it's way out.   He performed minor surgery on it right then and there.  When I told him what the other doctor said, he just shook his head.

It's sore right now, but at least I'm hopefully on the healing path at last.  

And yes, it's the same side as my soon to be replaced knee.   Of course it is.

Spending a lot of time on the screen porch, and I imagine it will really be my friend come July.

My lease was up on my Subaru Forester, so here's my new one.

Driving down the highway today, I thought about how fortunate I am, to have all that I have.

Sure, I have things to deal with, but amazing is it to   have your own home, your

 own car, money to buy food,  health care, family, friends.

And that brings me to all your lovely responses.   Thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to

 let me know that you are out there reading this blog, thank you for sharing that I have

 somehow touched your lives, made a difference, no matter how slight, inspired you, made you

 feel not so alone,  allowed. me to be your friend.   

You truly made my week with all your kind words.

I used to choose the winner. and the number that came up was number 1!!!!

So the winner is Marsha Melson.   Email me your address.....and tell me what color your kitchen is......and I will send your towel right out.

And no, I'm not going anywhere.  Just think of all the time I will have this summer,  to blog 

 and read!!  It boggles the mind!


Maryse said...

I love the table! It has a lovely hommy look to it.... Glad that your foot was taken care off and wishing you the best with the knee surgery. I had a hip replacement done last year and so happy that I did it...
Take good care. Maryse

Peg Cherre said...

In my world, matching is not a necessity. And just think- should you be so inclined, at some point you can weave fabric for those chairs-all the same or 4 different. 😁

Carol said...

I love the table and chairs! And I also thought those chairs would be great with handwoven cloth covering them, and yes all different! Maybe four seasons...I go by love what you love. I live in my house with it's spinning wheels, fabric, yarn, and on and on and it's all a reflection of me. Thank you for the recipe and oddly enough just bought a bag of red lentils to make dahl last week, so I am ahead of the game! Your porch looks quite summer cozy. And yes, keep blogging!

Valerie said...

Hilary, I didn't comment for the give away b/c I am also a weaver and just reorganized my kitchen towel drawer...uhm, there's an abundance of towels here.
But I look forward to your posts and always enjoy them, though I don't often comment.
So sorry about your foot and the ignoramus podiatrist. Glad you got the proper care and hope that your upcoming knee repair goes smoothly.

claudia said...

Thank goodness you went to the original doctor! Foot pain is awful. I had several plantar warts years ago. My doctor sent me to a foot specialist who in turn yelled at me because it's not his job to do warts. (UGH!) I went to a skin doctor who removed them for several days. The last day, I could barely drive home when the area came "back to life". I have never known such pain! (This was both feet!) The doctor did a great job, I have had no problems since.
I love your dining table and chairs. I have an old "farm style" table and chairs that don't match. I haven't been able to use it for a while because my daughter and I moved into a house together and it's a little crowded at the moment. Hopefully, that will change in the next couple of years, we plan on adding a house to this property so we can each have our own space.
All the best with your upcoming knee surgery. I have this feeling you will do well. I wish I could sit on your porch with you!

Stephanie said...

The new table and chairs are great. Your home looks so comfortable and peaceful, perfect for creating, having kids over, and just be-ing in.

Rita said...

Thank goodness your regular doctor is smart!
I love the table and chairs. Matching is not a huge priority for me, either. These look comfy and inviting. Can easily picture a conversation over coffee.
Your porch looks like such a great view. You will love spending time out there this summer.

Joanne said...

Another weaver here who thinks your new chairs would love handwoven upholstery. I enjoy reading your blog, have done so for a few years, love they way you photograph and describe your cozy home/studio. I do miss it when you’re not blogging but understand life gets in the way. Wishing you success and speedy recovery from surgery.

Teresa said...

I prefer used and loved over new and shiny. Most of my house is very loved.
Sorry about the foot. Always seems like something is trying to slow you down. I'm glad you don't listen. Keep moving and keep blogging.

Joanne Noragon said...

I adore my podiatrist and would not switch for all the podiatrists in Ohio.
Your new table is lovely. Reminds me of Ann's house, with all second hand furniture she has sought out. As your farm houses remind me of the other.
Waiting for your knee to be new; it will be wonderful.

Teresa said...

Cheryl said...

The table and chairs are very nice...but I like your new car better!

The porch looks comfy and inviting, great for walking up and down with your walker, doing rehab and breathing in fresh air.

Initially, after the surgery, your knee is not going to bend right away. So every morning, when you wake up, as you lay in your bed, gently slide your foot up and down on the sheet, don't force it, just bend up as far as you can and than slide it back down. Every day your knee will bend a little more.

As long as you do your rehab, you will be up faster and doing better than you would think possible. Like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race.

Pam said...

Hello, I am sorry I missed reading about the giveaway. I have been following your blog for many years now. I love your handwoven's, I too am a weaver. I am also a nurse, 33 years now. Haven't decided when I will retire. I will be 61 this July. I am returning to work this Sunday after 3 months off from having a spinal epidural abscess that came out of nowhere, as well as MSSA bacteremia. Anyway..just wanted to tell you that your blog is very much enjoyed and I always look forward to your posts and all the pictures you share.
ps. I love that table too!

Betsy said...

I love your table and chairs! I absolutely adore the china closet/desk in the corner. Leasing a car is a very good idea. <3

lcampana said...

I’m also having a knee replacement in July. So I won’t be doing much weaving or playing golf until late August at the earliest. I had the other knee replaced in July 2018. That was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Good luck with your surgery and God Bless.

alice DeVries said...

I don’t know how I missed these last two posts but I am so happy that you now know what an encouragement you are to all of us. πŸ’–πŸ’–

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts