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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Heat wave

Sydney has a beautiful face.  I think that's a given.

She is also grossly overweight.  My daughters say she could be a plus size model.

Sometimes when she gets in this position, I wonder if she will be able to flip over, or if we will have to assist.

The last couple of days have been better.......still a pretty intense headache, but better is better.  Period.
I'll take it and hope for even more improvement.
One day at a time.

Thanks for the book suggestion.....I picked both these up yesterday at the library.

I have started downsizing more THREAD....putting these up on FB first, with more to come.

This is what L was working on this week........

And what is waiting for me still.......

But I really have been trying to dial it down, hoping that my neck would calm down, and my head would follow.......
Spent some time with these two.......
She loves her little brother.

I am no longer getting your comments in my email.....not sure why not....something Blogger has done.
Some of you ask questions, but then I have no way to answer....

So.....1.  I used MX reactive dyes from Prochemical.

2.   Yes, I will help you with sizing a möbius me.   crazyasaloomataoldotcom

3.  My doctor is a prince......whatever has happened to me is not his fault....he is brilliant, kind......I truly love the man.  I have full confidence in him.

But truth.....everything can't be fixed perfectly.  Humpty Dumpty was never quite the same, and I won't be either.
He very honestly said, "we may have overcorrected you"   "there have been a lot of advancements in the fusion surgery since yours"

In a year's time, NO other doctor knew what was wrong.......I saw three neurosurgeons, two neurologists, and several other doctors........who all insisted that Chiari was not my problem.


Dr. Rekate knew the minute he saw my MRI.........I think he may have saved my life.

So, lunch on the salad with Puerto Rican bean salad on the side/top.

My next project.......ring spun cotton with pupa silk weft........undyed, in its natural state.

Right now I am in the living room, getting ready to read for the rest of the is brutally hot outside.  Even the screen porch is uninhabitable.
We have an AC unit, portable, in the LR, and that's actually the only comfortable place to be.

Walking this week takes place at 7am......before the heat and humidity kick in too much.
This was how it looked yesterday morning.

Me and my girl.


DJan said...

There are a couple of ways you can fix the comments email notification. I wrote about it last week and it worked for me. Basically you just need to go into Settings, scroll down to email and find the box that has your email address in it for notification, delete it and save. Then go back and add it back in. You should receive an email from Blogger asking you to confirm that you want to receive them. Let me know if you need any more info. :-)

Peg Cherre said...

That last photo is great - so inviting. And yes, we'll be hot as hell here in Rochester for a whole week. Daily lows in the low 70s. Thank god for air conditioning!

Hope you love Shadow of the Wind. It's actually the first book in a trilogy. I've now read the second, too.

Also love the first photo of Syd. And you know how much better you feel lighter? I bet Syd would, too. Just sayin'...

And of course, your grands are, well, grand!

Karen said...

Love the last photo! and glad you're dialing it down... and holy hell, it is indeed hot. I have fans on my horses and my chickens.

Unknown said...

Thinking of you, I hope your headache has been improving. Nancy

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Because every thread counts