Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I was up bright and early this morning, with a list of things I wanted to get done.

First off, some sewing on some möbius shawls that Lois just finished weaving.

And thank goodness, I have my Bernina back.

This is one I particularly like, it's cotton and hemp.

Did a little funky stuff with the back of it.............what do you think???

Next on my list was to weave off the warp on the rug loom upstairs.   The Union Custom has had a blue warp on it all winter, and it's time to do something else.
So I went up, thinking that I would have to weave a couple of rugs to finish it off.

But no........
I had to weave FIVE rugs, to finish it.

So if anyone were listening, which they are not, they would have heard me grumbling.

There were already two blue jean rugs on the cloth beam, so I took off SEVEN altogether, and tied all the fringes.

Naya is not far from me at any time, but she found out that she didn't much like this chair.   It moves.

I am sufficiently sick of winter already.   Naya slipped coming up the back porch stairs, and hurt her back leg.  She limped for a while, looking all sad.  Then suddenly it was better.

I wear my Yak Traks outside to the hen house and such, I do not need to fall again.

Didn't listen to the news tonight, not listening to Meet the Press tomorrow.  Had enough.  Pretending for the weekend, at least, that I live in Canada.
Way up north in Canada.

Have you seen the movie "Maudie", about the artist, Maud Lewis"??   Sweet little movie, you can rent it on Amazon for $5.99.

Tonight while out in the freezing cold, but sitting in the 104 degree HOT TUB, watching planes go over, and listening to the wind chimes on the porch, I thought about how life changes, how people come, and go (mostly go at my age)
I thought about how sad and lonely life can be at times.

Then I came to, kicked myself in the butt, and got over it.


Caroline in NH said...

I'm glad Nala is feeling better! My dogs sometimes slip on ice and snow here in NH (I have one that gets a cut paw at least once every winter).

I *love* the black and white piece in the first photo! I need to track down that draft & see if I can do it. (I think I've seen it in Strickler.) And I would love to know what, besides denim, you are using for weft in your rugs.

Karen said...

Oh you make me so happy, seeing this story of how you have improved the life of that rescued dog ten-fold. I have two southern peaches here - and it took them one year of seasons to adjust to the white stuff and cold temps... but they both charge out into it now-a-days.

One of those rugs? I'm in love with it. Thinking of a place I can put it around here... I have two of your jeans rugs.. perhaps it's time for some color.

weaverpat said...

Love the 'funky stuff' on the back of the shawl.
So glad Naya is settling in to life with you. She is so luck you found her. She will have a good safe and happy life now.
Winter can be over any day now. I wish! As I'm sitting here typing, it's sunny and 12 degrees. Yuck!

Emily said...

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Anita Johnson said...

I so enjoy reading your posts. Stay safe. I’m finding winter way too long myself!

Daryl said...

oh the thought of lolling in a hot tub is so soothing ...

Unknown said...

love that you attack the day, accomplish much, and when reflection time turns morbid you move on...
THAT kind of thinking I can take. Am surrounded too much by those who cave in to morbidity.
Thanks for the smile and keep kicking'!!

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts