Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Is it still winter?

How many variations on a theme??  How many times can you change things up to make them different, yet the same??

Ah, the Compudobby.

I figured out what was wrong with it, and I'm embarrassed to tell you.
I got up and looked under the loom.  There were dust bunnies under there  that were HUGE.   When I cleared them out, the loom worked fine.  Apparently, they interfered with action of the the lams and the chains.  Hmm.

Every time I change drafts on Weave Point, I say, "oh this is my fave."
Until the next one.

I said goodbye to Miss Puss.  It was a very hard decision.  I've been giving her insulin twice a day for two years.
On one hand, I miss her, on the other, there's a sense of relief.
I feel bad about that, but it's the truth.

Sydney and Jinksie are a little off balance.  They are so used to being bullied by her.
It's quiet here, but Naya the new dog, should be arriving tomorrow.
They the dynamics will change, again.

After tonight, when the wind chill may possibly be as low as -50 degrees, it should be warming up to the 20's in the daytime, and not below zero at night.
That sounds lovely.

I have been thinking though, about how this cold and nasty winter will feel in 5 years, or 10.  When I tried to get DH to talk about this, he said, "I go day by day."
I knew that.

I'm not counting the days of January, I'm counting towels.   By the end of the month, I figure to have a sizable stash of them to head into summer shows.
That's the only way I can slog through this cold.

The pellet stove keeps it comfortable in the evenings.   That's where I park myself with a book.

If the sun shines today, I'm going to sit in the hot tub and close my eyes.   I can pretend, can't I?

Today I go fetch my Bernina from the shop.

It was an expensive item, but not having it makes me realize how much I love it.
It's good to treat yourself, ya know?
It's especially good to have things to work with, that make your life easier.
That's my theory.

Had company yesterday.  
This little guy and his sister make winter go away.

When you have a grandchild, you think you can't love any other child as much as this one, then another comes along, and you do.
Your heart just gets bigger.

And I will leave you with a bruschetta pizza from the Talk of the Town, Glens Falls, NY.
Because it's the BEST PIZZA PERIOD.
If you ever get the'll agree!



Peg Cherre said...

Crazy cold here in Rochester, too. Actually crazy cold all along the eastern seaboard and beyond.

Those towels are beautiful. Isn't is nice not to have to weave things as long a baby wraps? Towels go so quickly! And you can change the treadling and/or tie up for every one. Joy!

Amazing that 20 will sound warm, isn't it?

Connys Cottage said...


i love your protjekt. Great job.

greatings send you Conny

Karen said...

oooh that does look delicous!

Good Luck with Naya tomorrow - keep me posted!!!

Unknown said...

I am so sorry about Miss Puss, those decisions are so hard. I can't wait for your new pup to arrive!!! How are the outdoor cats doing, now that the cat population has changed will any come into the house?

I love your colorful weaving. I'm not a fan of the subzero temps either but winter is my most productive time for my spinning, weaving and knitting.

Best, Nancy

Caroline in NH said...

Love the towels, such beautiful colors & patterns. I am looking forward to temps above freezing this week - it will be wonderful, although I have barn chores to do when the weather warms up. Even that can't dampen my enthusiasm for temps over 32 degrees! I'm sorry about the kitty; it's so hard to lose them. Looking forward to seeing the new dog on the blog, though!

518frenchgirl said...

Loved your happy ending...looked delicious. Your towels are perfection, I use them all the time. They are heirlooms. Can't wait to see your new dog.

Twylla Alexander said...

Cheerful colors, a grandchild's smile and a super yummy looking pizza - that's a combination to warm up the day, and life! Thanks.

Connie in Hartwood said...

I saw Naya on Karen's FB page, and ran over here to give you a big virtual hug. She's adorable!

Sorry about Miss Puss. It's a loving thing that we do, seeing our critters peacefully to the afterlife. Sending a hug for you for this, too.

Winter. I'm over it ... and here it's not nearly what you endure up there. said...

Sorry to hear about Miss Puss, it really is so hard when you have to make those kinds of decisions. I'm sure your new addition to the family will help enormously. Glad your loom problems turned out to be dust bunnies, nice and easy to deal with.

Daryl said...

i know you did the right thing with Miss Puss ... never ever easy no matter

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Because every thread counts