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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

what a day

My day started on  the couch with Naya.  Eating oatmeal with blueberries.

She is settling in quite nicely.   I still see the look of nervousness on her face at times, but for the most part, she seems comfortable.
I just want her to know that this is it.  You're home.  It's ok.  No one is going to take you to another place, ever again.

She is definitely a chow hound.  I am pretty sure she was fed table scraps.   The story is that her owners were deported, from Georgia, and she was abandoned.  It is obvious that she has had puppies, at least once.  She is supposed to be between 2 and 3 years old.
She only has to go out to do her business 3 times a day.
When she does go out, she stand there, looking at the expanse of my fenced in yard, and you can almost hear her thinking...........whattttttttt?????????
When there is less snow, she will investigate it more.
But she is obviously impressed.

I miss my Roy.  He was the best, best boy.   But there is nothing that makes that ache less, than giving love to another dog who so desperately needs it.   It brings tears to your eyes, in sadness, and in joy.

I look back at the dogs in my life, from Chip when I was a toddler,  to Naya.  There was a lot of love and life lessons along the way, that I wouldn't change for anything.

Litter boxes changed.
Bills paid.
Towels washed and dried and pressed.

Then I did a little weaving.  Naya came in and stood there listening to the loom, tilting her head.   Her ears perked up.
Then she sat behind my stool.
So I went and got Roy's old blanket, and put it down next to the loom.

That's all she wanted.

Yesterday afternoon was somewhat of a blitz.   Got the jagged light in my eye about 12:30.  Took some Advil and laid on the couch.  Two hours later, and some dozing off, still had the headache.
So I didn't get much done.  Guess I have to be ok with that.

Then today, when I shut the loom down, and made myself a cuppa tea, sure enough, here it comes again.
Whiskey tango foxtrot.

I never, ever can figure out my migraines.  I can go months without one, then boom, 2 or 3 in a week.
And there's just nothing I can do, but take some Advil, lie down, close my eyes, and give into it.

I made this soup from the NY Times.  I told Lois I thought it would be very boring, but surprise, we both loved it.

Potato, leek, cabbage soup.
Easy and delicious.

My intended longer post is going to have to wait for another head insists.

Naya says "toodles".


DJan said...

I am always so sorry to hear of another headache, and for no reason, just because. I simply adore that picture of Naya on Roy's blanket. My heart is sore for all the suffering that there is in the world, and I applaud you and so many others who do what you can to ameliorate just a little bit of it. Naya's guardian angel stood by her and got her to you. That's wonderful. :-)

Dizzy-Dick said...

Our three pups think it is terrible if we are a few minutes late feeding them. Yes, they can tell what time it is, I don't know how, but they can. Our oldest pup has had a couple of heart attacks and she is on three different medication. The vet said she could not stand another one, since her heart was damaged by the first two. She has been and still is such a good dog. They are like our kids, you know.

LA said...

Sorry about your headache....but thank you for taking in Naya!!!! She's hit the jackpot!

Corny said...


Shiralynkay said...

Beautiful little dog. So glad you are her mom now.

Barbara said...

So pretty. I'm glad she got a wonderful home and you got a wonderful friend.

Caroline in NH said...

Sorry about your migraines. I have a son who suffers intermittent migraines. Naya, however, is gorgeous, I'm so happy you have a new friend!

Peg Cherre said...

Sweet post, sweet dog, sweet woman.

Connie in Hartwood said...

Naya's past is what brought her to this place in her life, and led her to her forever home with you. Makes my heart happy to hear that you and she are getting on so well. Welcome home, Naya!

Janice Zindel said...

Very sorry to hear the migraines are back, hopefully not for long. I remember them well. Naya looks like she is settling in well and like she belongs. My Keda is from AL, it has taken her 4 years to begin adjusting to the cold and snow. Looking forward to your coming adventures together.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about the migraine. I've been checking your blog everyday to hear about Naya, thanks for posting! She is lovely.


Carol said...

I am so sorry about those migraines. But I am so happy that you have Naya! We who have lost our dogs and/or our cats, in our grief, find that we need to love another sweet soul, not to replace but to love. I believe it continues and honors the pets we have lost. I too have laid Maggie's blankets, her soft places down for Bitty, to feel comfort and to know she is home. The photo of Naya on Roy's blanket, near you, touched my heart. It is all about love and kindness, isn't it? Hoping for pain free days for you.

Anonymous said...

Naya is such a little sweetie, she is doing so well adjusting to her forever home. Having loved and been loved by some fantastic dogs and one very cool cat, it is indeed hard to lose them and my heart still aches for each one of them. I can't imagine living my life without a dog in it - I don't think it would be possible. Our two keep me on my toes and I love it. Really looking forward to Naya and spring time adventures. Hope the stupid headaches cease and desist!

MarthaVA said...

Sorry about the headaches!
Naya is SO cute! I just think she's perfect for you.
My little guy hates my loom.....and it's only a 2 shaft and tiny. He won't stay near me when I weaving. He'll sit across the room, but he's the little guy that almost always has to be touching me (I saved him from a bad home).

Hope the headaches leave you alone!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa said...

She's adorable!

And yes, migraines are No Fun. Take care.

Linda said...

I am sorry about the headache. Naya looks so sweet!

Shammickite said...

She's a nice looking doggie, very friendly face, but you know she will cover the house with white hairs doncha?

Daryl said...

seeing Naya on Roy's blanket made my heart swell and my eyes tear .. with love and joy and sadness ...

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts