Crazy as a Loom

Friday, April 1, 2016

Just a few pictures.

I've been rooting this plant for a while, after one of the cats broke this piece off one of mine.
It's some kind of begonia, but beats me what particular kind.
I love house plants.

 A couple of days ago, I took the day off from weaving and went to Vermont with a friend.
Vermont has gone a bit crazy with solar panels.  Some local residents think they have gone 'overboard'.

These were not here last time I traveled this road.....look closely, there are a LOT of solar panels.

 They stretch on and on.
They do, in my opinion, ugly up the landscape.

I am certainly not opposed to solar energy, but the thought appears that maybe we need to use LESS energy.  Maybe THAT is part of the solution?

Nothing says a relaxing lunch with an old friend like two Switchback drafts.

The Otter creek was ripping.

I love Middlebury.  There are so many of these old buildings in such good shape.

In Vermont, they are proactive about not wanting you to smudge up the air.

Back at home, my Sure Fit chair cover that I purchased on Ebay, came today.
Once again, my furry feline friends cost me $$$.   I bought this just to keep them from scratching my leather chair.

I love the morning light through these old windows........I can't believe I took time away from coffee making to take this.

One of my favorite times of day, me and Roy, in the early morning light.

Yesterday I was on the road again, to spend time with my youngest grand girl.
She adores her little friend.

She is also so gentle with her, it is sweet to watch.

The garage door opened, she heard it and said, "Is that my mommy?"

Then, "It IS my mommy!"

 Such joy.   Priceless, I tell ya.

Back home, taking Roy for a walk in the pumpkin field, looking back at  the old homestead.
I swear I have waited my whole life just to live here.

Life is good, pain and all.


Karen said...

I agree, the solar panels in that massive configuration are UGLY. All the land taken up by them can't be any better for the environment either.

LOVE that face, pure joy!...

and you know you're really -home- when you feel as you do. It's a beautiful thing.

thotlady said...

It all looks beautiful.

Angela Tucker said...

Your home is beautiful! I love the picture through the window. So calm, full of promise.

The love of a innocent, but full of life. She is very sweet.

Have a great weekend!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I am all for alternative energy but the solar panels are taking up valuable farm land and making the land unusable. I would rather see solar panels being erected over huge paved parking areas or to continue to develop solar tiles made into walk ways and roads. I don't think wind mills would be any more of an eyesore that cell towers are. They would take up a lot less land too.
Love the pic of your home! Such a lovely place.
Also love those cute little ones faces full of joy and love!

alice DeVries said...

Wonderful, wonderful. I do love your blog, so many dreamy words and pics, thank you for writing.

Daryl said...

its an angel wing begonia ...

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts