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Monday, April 11, 2016

It's morning.

I frequently complain that the cats wake me up every morning, specifically Jinksie, who comes to my bedroom door precisely at 6am, and cries.

But the truth of it is, I love being up at 6am.  Once the cats are fed, and my coffee is made, I sit in the  living room in the semi dark, the pellet stove keeping the room toasty warm.

Sometimes I just sit and ponder what I am going to do today.   I read my emails, and do a puzzle or two.   It's so quiet, and peaceful.  It's my favorite time of day really.

Speaking of cats, Miss Puss has lately been acting out of character.  She cries for food all day long, she follows me, and swats at me if I don't get it quickly enough.   She is very vocal,  and she has lost weight.  So I took her to the vet, who thinks she is hyperthyroid.  We should know today.  Then she will have to be medicated twice a day for the rest of her life.  My choice of administration is pills or  cream inside her ear.  Either way, I am going to get hurt.

Lois recently wove a custom runner.  I picked out the fabric, but she did the tough job of putting it all together so that it worked.
And it definitely does.
This may be her best weaving to date.  
I am kind of sorry I can't keep it.

My friend, and former student, Sue, knows of my love of CATS, so she made me this as a house warming gift.......She does amazing work piecing quilts, but now that she is an accomplished weaver, I wonder how much of it she does.  I think she has the weaving affliction pretty heavy. :)

I am weaving a baby wrap for my friend Rini, in Maine, with her reeled mulberry silk, on my cotton warp.

It is beautiful, but silk is definitely harder to weave with than cotton, just because it is so slippery, and wants to tangle.

 When it's done, I will post her wearing it.

Apparently, Dale, wants to get in on the baby wrap craze herself, using one of Mimi's hand woven dish towels.

Clever girl!


Deb said...

Hi Hilary: Hope Miss Puss feels better after the diagnosis. It doesn't take long to spot changes in our cats when we are so attached to them. Pills or cream..a no brainer for me. It would be cream every-time. Lovely weaving today and how cute is that Miss Dale. :)

weaverpat said...

Our older kitty, Tipper is a hyperthyroid cat. Yes, she's hungry constantly and skinny as an eel. We have to feed her every four hours to keep her stabilized. Good thing I have to get up and make the bathroom trip during the night.
I have a pill grinder and mix the medication in her wet food. Since she is so ravenous, she scarfs it down and doesn't even notice.

Hope all goes well with Miss Puss. Having to fight with a cat to give medicine isn't fun for cat or human.

thotlady said...

So sweet. I hope your cat improves with the medication.

Gayle said...

Our Barney showed similar signs at 19. He drank a lot so that made me think of diabetes. Sure enough, that is what he had. He was medicated twice a day and lived to be 21+. GL.

Angela Tucker said...

Good evening, Hilary. I am sorry about Miss Puss. I hope you get an answer soon. I had a Miss Kitty...she was NOT a "pick up" kitty. LOL You could pet her, but if she rolled over so you could rub her belly, WATCH OUT!! It was an evil ploy to get your hand close enough to her claws and teeth at the same time. LOL

Your weaving is so beautiful. The feeling of the silk must be amazing...sigh.

Your housewarming gift is so pretty...lots of talent there.

Have a great evening!

Daryl said...

my three, usually led by the very vocal Jack, wake me at 4 ... i refuse to get up before 5 weekdays and close the door to them on weekends ...

if its a pill to treat Mss Puss try hiding it in Greenie's Pill Pockets.. they are fabulous and she will think its a treat not meds .. or if you (and she) prefer tuck them into a bit soft cheese .. these tricks worked for me with Harry who is sweet but would be horrendous to pill ...

alice DeVries said...

Love when you write, excellent as usual. Poor miss Puss nothing worse then being hungry ☹️
Dales a cutie, wish I could tie a dish towel around my waist! Those were the days, I was to young to appreciate them LO, I'm like miss Puss now - I'd rather eat!!!!

Cait Throop said...

Beautiful weavings as always, Hilary! And Dale! I also treasure quiet mornings though I don't get up quite as early! And cream all the way for me for sure...hope your kitty feels better soon...

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm a morning person, sometimes getting the dogs up and going well before they want. Like this morning...5:45 and the dogs had to be called out of bed. Now, it's getting toward 12 hours later and I'm thinking hot bath, hot toddy, flannel nightgown and good book.

JCMurray said...

Feeding pills to cats, or dogs, I have found lots of luck with hiding the pill in a bit of wet canned food. Our old cat had that problem, always drinking water, filling the litter box with pee, the medicine fixed him very quickly. such fun.

Barbara said...

Love the kitty wrap. All the weavings are so pretty. Love the cat-heart. Sweet.

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Because every thread counts