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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Just a hello

 While I've been busy making towels, L has been weaving blue jean rugs on her Weaver's Friend.

They are thick and heavy, and beautiful, too.

 I tried a new binding for the ends of this one.  You know that saying:  something about necessity  being the mother of invention?
Yeah, don't ask.

Thanks to Sharon, over at  for giving me this great idea.

My Singer steam press came today, and I just love it.

It is definitely a great addition to the studio.

I pressed 16 dish towels in about 10 minutes.

They look professionally pressed, and I am very pleased with them.

Sometimes, it's good to take a late afternoon break, and ponder on how grateful I am, for so many things.


LA said...

I love the steam presser, also! It sure makes short work of a stack of handwovens! So glad to see you enjoying your porch time!

Angela Tucker said...

The dish towels are beautiful! Such color. And I would love to sit on your porch. The view is so inviting...

thotlady said...

Love the dish towel design.

Daryl said...

owning some of those dish towels i can attest that even prior to the Singer Press they looked thoroughly professional

mudmaven said...

You are and always will be my hero! Thanks so much for giving voice to these thoughts and ideas. ~chris

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts