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Friday, July 3, 2015

Feeling good.

Every day, about mid morning, I make myself a shake.  I guess some people call them "smoothies".

I start with a cup of kale. That's a given.
 After that I use my imagination.  This one was kale, a frozen banana, an apple, protein powder, a teaspoon of turmeric, and water.  It was incredible.

Because I don't eat meat, I need the kale, and some days, I need the protein powder.  And it fills me up until lunch time.  And it's good.


 I've been weaving on my AVL, loving my e-lift.
I have a 75 yard towel warp on, and after scouring for empty bobbins, I decided to gather up all my random bobbins that had cotton on them, and use them up.

 Apparently I have been stashing them for a while, from a lot of different projects.

But boy, do I have a LOT of empty bobbins.

And the colors are pretty interesting together, at least I think so.

Right in the middle of weaving today, something went amiss.  I realized that the same shed kept opening.  I figured out that the cable that moves the dobby mechanism up and down, had broken, AGAIN. This was the second time.

So I went to my neighbor's machine shop, again, and begged for help.  He looked at it, said it was not designed very well, since it keeps on breaking.  He sent me to the hardware store, with a list, all the while muttering about those guys in California.
When I came back, he put this new piece together and sent me home to put it on the loom.

And it works like it is supposed to.   This is the SECOND revamp of my AVL that he has done, to make it work better.   I think he may be smarter than the guys that made it.


claudia said...

I think I should start doing those shakes. My diet sucks, I'm just being lazy.
I have to show my daughter your spools...she thinks I keep too much stuff from projects. At least I can show her that the stuff is usable. She just doesn't believe me when I say I do not want to be wasting anything.
What a good neighbor to have! He's very handy. I just moved here and the man I bought this property from lives right across the street. It's nice when I have a question about something in the house or the property, I we have irrigation rights and I still haven't figured out all the ins and outs of that, he comes by and solves problems for me quite a bit!
I am glad your title is "Feeling Good" That's a great sign!

Susan said...

Love your Smoothie (Shake) and that's how I sneak kale into my hubby's diet as well:-D Also, love your new patterns and happy you're feeling good--thoughts are always with you, friend, XOXO

Cindie said...

Yep, I've experienced many a quality control issue with my AVL - still love it but some of those things shouldn't happen.

Daryl said...

hooray for your local fix it man ... and i wouldnt mind one of those smoothies

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Because every thread counts