Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ay yi yi

My fave carpenter/handyman said to me one time, " You come up with the craziest ideas, and then I make them happen."
This has so far been true.
But THIS TIME, my friend and fellow weaver, Sue, suggested a reno project to me the other day while we were weaving.
She said, 'You know, if that "window" between these two rooms was BIGGER, it would let lots of light in.  I think it would be awesome."

When I bought the house, this was two separate rooms.  But I found out that the wall was not original.  This was ONE ROOM, once apon a time.
I debated making it one room again, but someone had put in narrow oak flooring in the back room, which made a much more complicated project.
So I just opened it with a window.

But Sue got me thinking, and there is nothing I love better than tearing down walls, and opening up spaces.
I blame it on my parents, who did this kind of thing almost every year of my childhood.  Our little house grew about 6 ft or so as soon as it was warm enough to cut off the back of the house.  Inside, the walls changed whenever the mood struck.......and believe me, it struck quite often.
So I come by this naturally.
Hey, it could have been worse.  They didn't drink, or carouse, or fight.  So I guess I had it pretty good.

Anyway, time for the saw.
It was mostly a studded wall, as we expected.  But there was some lathe and plaster, and old wallpaper.
O.M.G.  what a freaking MESS.

But I love the results.


On the chicken front, C put a "treat door" in my chicken run, for those who do not want to actually go in and mingle with the girls.
Not mentioning any names, or anything.
Not even going to talk about the hole cut in the chicken wire.

I don't think the girls miss Bart one bit.
His new owner thought he had that rooster subdued, but apparently Bart forgot who was BOSS the other day, and he sunk his spurs into some shins.
Amazingly, he is going to get one more chance, this time de-spurred.  We'll see how that goes.

The chickie girls are quite content, although they will not like the 2x4 that C put across the coop below their nesting boxes.  NO MORE laying eggs UNDER the boxes, girls.
The times, they are a changin'.


Theresa said...

I love the open look but I got to ask, why not cut back to the wall and expose all sides of that beautiful mantel to viewing?

So no red pot needed for Bart yet eh? ;-)

Country Gal said...

Great job on the wall looks good . I to like lots of natural light in my house . I take it Bart will be fried chicken soon if he doesn't smarten up lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

Hilary said...

I had the same thought as Theresa.. there must be a reason. :) It looks great.. more sunlight in more places. You can't go wrong with that.

And Bart had better smarten up!

Tyche's Minder said...

Hey wait, you can de-spur a rooster? Hmmmm. This is a potentially useful little piece of information. Toaster, are you listening?

I agree that the more light and openness the better. I'd take the wall all the way out, different floors or no. But your house is charming either way.

Unknown said...

Well Hilary I am glad it worked out!
I can't wait to see it in person!

Daryl said...

when we lived in a studio apartment, i often came home at the end of the day to find the furniture rearranged forming little 'rooms' or conversation areas whatever the term is .. it was disconcerting at first but i got used to it ... love the latest reno its brilliant!

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Because every thread counts