Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Broken stuff.

This cupboard came from my little house in the country, where years ago, my number 1 daughter decided to force the door shut.  She didn't realize that something was pushing on the glass, and when she pushed, the glass broke.
The glass has been missing ever since.  I actually went and bought a piece for it, but before I could put it in, that got broken, too.
It seemed my old dish cupboard was destined to be in a state of disrepair.

But then I went south for 8 weeks, and while I was gone, Lois decided to get it fixed for me, as a birthday present.
 And yes, she is clever, but not that clever.  She did, however, persuade Claire, who is VERY clever,  to do it for her.

So at long last, my cupboard is whole again.   This is the kind of birthday gift that I love.   Unexpected, appreciated, one of a kind, thoughtful.
Thanks, Lois, and thank you Claire.
Fantastic job!!!

My granddaughter broke her foot in gym.
I just wanted to show you the tiniest ever pair of crutches.
You can't see it, but she has a cast from her knee down.

 I have been watching my littlest grandbaby, who is as sweet as she can be, and also the lightest sleeper I have ever known.
Good grief.
Nothing like a tiny little person to make you feel like you have to be at least 100.

I am trying to get my groove back.  It's not easy.  The weather is totally depressing.  And even though this newest storm is supposed to miss us, my HEAD can feel it barreling down on the east.  There has to be a better way of predicting low pressure systems.

A little silk from Michael at Georgia Yarn
I am loving it.

And here it is in a different colorway.
I highly recommend Georgia Yarn....great products, friendly and fast service, good prices.

Off to work.  L and the Toika for big rug weaving are waiting on me.


Deb said...

A belated "Happy Birthday" Hilary. That really is a great gift. I LOVE that cupboard. It reminds me a little of one my grandmother had when I was a child. That's where the cookies were. ;-) Hope your grand-daughter heals quickly since there is nothing fun about wearing a cast. Sweet new grandbaby, Dale. She is growing fast. Our new one, Gwyn, is a light sleeper, too. Any noise wakes her up. Not fun for mom. I'm sorry to read you are still dealing with that HH. I really do hope it disappears for good soon. Take care Hilary, Hugs, Deb

Hilary said...

Clearly, next years trip has to last from November through to April. I'm sorry that you're feeling the pressure.

Dale is just as cute as can be. And what a great gift. Belated Happy Birthday to you, my friend. I'm loving all your colours.. from the weave to the dishes in your newly-repaired cabinet.

Country Girl said...

What the 'Other Hilary' said above. Yes - the next trip has to last longer.

So kind of L to get your cupboard fixed. Belated Happy Birthday!

Sharon said...

You daughters are thoughtful girls, just like you raised them to be. What a wonderful present! Thanks for the grandbaby pix and love the scarves. They need to come up with a pressure valve for your head :)

The Little Black Dog said...

Love the red colors of those yarns. SO pretty - so much better than winter and snow. I am praying I wake up tomorrow (also in New England) and that this storm misses me where I am.

Alicenoneland said...

I admire you and your blog ❤️ I mentioned you in mine and I am so sorry for never telling you what a wonderful blog your is - to think you posted EVERY DAY for so long!!! Your super human - my hero.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I often get headaches in tornado storm season when the weather takes an abrupt change! I remember so many years ago my Jr. High science teacher had undergone brain surgery and she always wore a knit cap when it was cold. I recall her telling us that she had to because of the surgery. Mrs. Potter was my favorite teacher, by the way--She was a personal friend of Marguerite Henry who wrote all the wonderful award winning books --all about horses!
My late inlaws always wintered in south TX where it never got too cold. Maybe you could be a snowbird in winter!

Daryl said...

how did i miss your birthday ... happy birthday belatedly ...

i love that cupboard i have always wanted one like that .. tho smaller since i live in a tiny apartment with a truly tiny kitchen ...

i hope your granddaughter's foot heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of her to fix the glass. It's just such a cool cabinet and probably takes you down Memory Lane each time you look at it... xox

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

MarthaVA said...

Happy Borthday!
Healing thoughts for your granddaughters broken leg.
I just ordered silk from Georgia yarn and it arrived today! You are right, fast and great service.
Hang in there...

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Because every thread counts