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Monday, September 2, 2013

Glitches and dessert.

Summer is over, right??  You wouldn't know by the humidity is northeast New York.  I have been pacing myself, and it seems to be working out.
In the mornings, I get myself moving, and go to the studio.  I have been working on the AVL, plugging away on the red warp, weaving towels.
I re-pegged it yesterday, for a new pattern.
I am really liking this one.

My goal is to finish this 25 yard warp, and put a 75 yard warp on the AVL, before I have to do anything about my head.  That way, I will have a towel warp to work on all winter long.

When I first saw pictures of the AVL, there was a light attached to the loom.  Unfortunately, it didn't come with the loom.  I have searched for a light that would clamp on and do the job, but I haven't had much luck.  I even took the picture of the loom with the light on it, to the lighting store.  They had lights that would work, that were very expensive, but nothing that resembled what I wanted.
Finally, I emailed the previous owner of the loom, and asked her if she would sell me the light that she used on the loom.
She graciously offered to just send it to me, said she should have included it with the loom in the first place.
It finally came!!!
See how it just slips over the castle!!!!

 It looks like it was MADE for a loom.
This loom.

 Here it is, how simple!!!!  Made by Electrix, and impossible to find.

 Thank you Elaine........I hope you like the thank you gift I sent you in the mail!!!
Gee, I wonder what it could be.

Now just this week, I have been having LOOM PROBLEMS.
Very disturbing glitches with the AVL.
It kept missing harnesses, and I had to keep going backwards, taking out my weft, and starting again. 
It was getting tedious.  So today, I got the manual out.
See on the left, where it says "one or more harnesses that are supposed to raise, don't"??
And then next to it..........left treadle isn't being pressed all the way down?

OK, here's the deal.......the right treadle raises the harnesses, and the left lowers them.
But it is 'easy' to allow your left foot to just "ride" other words, just to let the left treadle fall, and not PUSH it down with your left foot.

See far right, where it says.........concentrate on getting both treadles all the way through their travel???

So I wove a towel, and I paid attention.......down with my right, and DOWN with my left, instead of free falling..........and guess what, I had not one problem at all.   All the harnesses raised exactly when they were supposed to, and it was perfect.  
I love it when the problem turns out to be simple, and fixable. 
Maybe this time my head will fall into that category.  For once.

Sometimes in the afternoon, when I come home to rest my head, I eventually decide to bake.
It just makes me feel better.
Last week, I made a chocolate zucchini cake.  It was the darkest chocolate, and as decadent as any dessert I have ever eaten.  I used Hersheys DARK chocolate powder.   I should have taken a picture of it, but we were too busy eating it to care.  Sorry.

Today, I tried another recipe, Almond Zucchini cake.  And this one was hands down the BEST.
I can't even describe it....moist and delicious.  I suggested to DH that we just cut the cake down the middle and pig out..........but in a moment of clarity, he declined.
He did say it was his favorite dessert EVER.

You can find BOTH these recipes on my recipe board on PINTEREST.  See the link above right.
You won't be sorry, unless you eat it all.
I had a super huge piece, but I walked 4 miles first.

I may have to freeze some zucchini.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Both the cakes sound yummy and I have no doubt I would pig out. I can't turn on the oven until our weather cools down so it will have to wait.

Karen said...

Thank you thank you for sharing... YUM!!!....

Daryl said...

how fabulous to get that lamp/light! and that cake .. oh my oh my

we put the ac back on yesterday it was so horribly humid

Rita said...

I'm glad the loom was an easy fix. Love this red and white towel pattern, too. :)

Cupcake Murphy said...

Is that ice cream or whipped cream?

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Because every thread counts