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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stopping by to say hi.

Why hello!
My name is Henry.
Everyone says I'm just the cutest thing.


I took yesterday off,  and I spent part of it with this little guy.
And he is just about the best baby I've ever seen.  He's just very laid back, and very happy.
And why not?  Everyone is in love with him.

It is the first time I actually drove myself any real distance, and it felt kind of liberating.  It was time.
Spring is coming, slowly, but it is.
And afternoons of beautiful sunshine go a long way in making me feel better about just about everything.
Sunshine is powerful.

The sun just makes everyone feel better, right Roy?


I'm just taking it one day at a time......because I know it works.  I have history with it.
It worked before, and it will work now.
So short days at the studio, doing a little puttering here and there, walking Roy, doing  a lot of knitting.
I just wanted to take a minute to say hello.

I am getting better, and good things sometimes just can't be rushed.  And really, why would I want to?  Sometimes the journey is how you learn what you really need, and what you really want.
And that's huge.


Country Girl said...

Oh, it's good to see you, Hilary. Good to hear your happy voice and to know you're healing. What a beautiful little baby!

Country Gal said...

Oh I am so happy to hear things are going well for you now and you are feeling better each and every day ! Lovely post and photos ! Have a good evening !

Anonymous said...

You sound so upbeat and wonderfully happy. You're so right about sunshine. It can really turn a person around and even help them to heal faster, give them a livelier step, take the slump from their shoulders... Sunshine is key to happiness. Ya know. :)

Hilary said...

Ahhh this whole post makes me smile. I want to give Henry a belly raspberry. He's just adorable.

claudia said...

I think Henry could make anybody smile! What a cutie he is.
I'm glad to hear you are getting about and about. Sunshine does wonders for the body and soul.

Teri said...

I'm sure it is hard to slow down, but it is good that you are listening to your body.

MrsB said...

Amen, sistah....

Daryl said...

yup, you need to pace yourself .. clearly Roy is setting an excellent example .. xo

ladyoftheloom said...

Way to go HIllary, take it slow! I can't wait for my days behind the wheel to resume. Alice

Steph said...

Oh my, your Henry is almost as adorable as my 4 1/2 month old Hank (Henry) who we will be travelling to Wisconsin to meet in three weeks! I am so enjoying the tone of your posts these days, may your recovery continue and your delight in your life keep coming back! Steph in NH

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Because every thread counts