Friday, May 14, 2010

Happiness is...

From Crazy as a Loom

Sounds strange, doesn't it?
But maybe you remember, about 13 years ago, Oprah had a program about it. I don't remember who the guest was, but the gist of the program was that you wrote 5 things in a notebook every day, 5 things you were grateful for.
At the time, I had just returned from a family trip to England. We had been there for three weeks, my mother returning to her homeland, with me and my three daughters. My then husband, since deceased, so I can talk about him, was drunk the whole time I was gone. It was evident when we walked through the door.
It wasn't the first time, and I knew it wouldn't be the last.
It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I said I was done with it.
And I started, on the day he left, to write in my little notebook.
5 things.
At first, it was hard to find 5 things. I was hurt, and disappointed, and even a little afraid of the future. And even though it was ultimately for the better, and I was pretty confident of that, change is always hard.
I was always grateful for my family, my children, my mother, my father.
Then I was thankful for my little house, and my yard, and my flowers. I was thankful for my dogs, and my cats, and thankful for the worn and loved books on my shelf. I was grateful for my stash of fabric, and yarn.
Then it was a cup of hot tea, or a Fresca (my favorite drink at the time, not any more)
And the days began to pile up, and the pages filled up in my little notebook.
There were rhubarb pies, and mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, quiet evenings, my favorite TV show. Hooked rugs I finished, flowers that filled the front yard with fragrance.
Day after day, the list grew. Things I was grateful for, things that nurtured me, held me together, made me happy. And lots of days, repeats appeared.
My kids,my mother, a job, food on the table, being together, being loved. Peace. Quiet. The absence of drama. Hope for the days to come.
I think 5 things to be grateful for grounded me, in a world that was shifting, it made me focus on the simplest, and ultimately, the best.
Many, many times I repeated to myself, 'gratitude is the attitude'. And one day at a time, I made my list.
Not long ago, I was rummaging through a drawer, and there it was, the little notebook. As I flipped through the pages of a year of being grateful, I was reminded of how little effort it really takes to change direction. A simple quarter turn of your footprint on the ground. That's all.

I didn't plan on writing about this, not at all. But as I opened the 'new post' page, my fingers started typing it out.
I just came along for the ride.
And in case y'all are getting sick of loom shots.
Well, I apologize.
But I'm not gonna stop any time soon.
Thanks for visiting.......I do love all your comments.

From Crazy as a Loom

Tomorrow....porch pics! I promise!!

From Crazy as a Loom


Tina J said...

I am thankful for bright colors that make us smile, a loom to thread, an audio book, a faithful dog to keep me company and cereal for dinner since I am on my own for tonight.

weaverpat said...

That fabric wove into a really nice piece!

Five things:

Family including cat companions, mostly healthy for my age, handwork that I love to keep me occupied, a quiet rural life, warm weather.

Life is Good!

(Being a weaver, I like loom shots.)

Anonymous said...

The absence of drama. That's why I married Hubby. It's a calm life.


Nina said...

What a wonderful way to remind ones self of the good and cherished things in life.

That being said, your current project, with the yellow fabric with blue flowers and the multi coloured warp totally rocks! It's gorgeous.

Joyce said...

So interesting to read your post today. I have done a gratitude journal at several different points over those last 13 years. However, I do three things, not five. The first time (back 10 years ago or so) I did it for a full year. I started my current one last Thanksgiving. Some days it is difficult. I find, however, that keeping the journal makes me notice little things throughout my day....Oh, I can record that tonight...the dandelion I saw blooming in early March, the smell of lilacs, the hug from a young nephew. We are all so blessed. We just need to take the time to remember that!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the beautiful rug is something to be grateful for. :)

Karen said...

Hilary, this is a wonderful post. What a courageous woman, and a great outlook on life. I do remember the gratitude journal, and I'm glad you reminded me again.

Anonymous said...

Your loom pictures are inspiring so keep them coming!

Your post reminded me that the not so great times in our lives make us appreciate the calm loving times.

Everyday is an adventure.

Cait Throop said...

Love your loom pictures!! And thank you for sharing a bit of your life and direction...What a wonderful idea to keep a journal of just 5 things...even I can do that. Journals tend to intimidate me with their blank pages but Lists! I love lists! Thanks for the idea and I'm starting today!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ahhhh love your pics all the time. You take such great angles and colorful arrays of fabrics!

Five things....
1. big mug of coffee expertly poured by my darling hubby with 3 ice cubes and just the right amount of french vanilla creamer - that is LOVE

2. deep breath and sigh of grandbaby Allegra as she settles in my arms

3. spontaneous smile of grandbaby Chelsea as I peek into her car seat, as she is carried into my house each morning

4. plaintive "now? now? now?" of grandson Jameson asking to weave AGAIN now they he learned how my table loom levers work

5. looking out the patio doors as hubby puts up my flower baskets and plants and refills the birdfeeders while I lay on the couch, still sick...

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Gayle said...

Your blog is of such great value in SO many ways. Thank you for sharing your life, emotions, talents.
San Diego

SpinMeAYarn said...

there you go again Hilary, knocking my socks off with your wonderful and eloquent thoughts....
Thank you for sharing your personal story with us and showing us a way to recover from whatever difficulties life has put in our paths...
Giving thanks is a great idea, my five right now would be my hubby and children, our health, our house, our jobs, and the blessing of being able to live unoppressed, unpoor and with educational opportunities for all my children.
You say: 'Gratitude is the attitude!' - this I will remember...
ps. can't wait to see those porch shots!
pps. am trying to locate a snowball tree/bush like you had on a previous post... I want!!!!!

Hilary said...

Such a lovely post. I remember the gratitude books and never did partake. Perhaps it's time I should.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that lady's name Sarah Van Something? (I think I saw the same Oprah episode--I think her last name started with a "B".) I keep a gratitude journal when times are tough, too. It gets so hard to come up with five different things to write about *every* day that I find myself searching out things to be grateful for, and I think that is the point. I love the loom shots---my weaving class starts in just a few days, and I am getting EXCITED. Hopefully, I'll still feel this enthusiastic after dealing with all those crazy warp ends---I must admit that they have me intimidated.


Sea Glass Designs said...

Such a beautiful post, we do have much to be thankful for.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts