Saturday, May 22, 2010

And of course you're right.

You are all so right.
I especially like the comment that asked me if I got bored with what I am doing.
Heck, no.
Not for a minute.
My only problem is deciding which loom or fabric related task (cutting, sewing, sorting, etc) to do next. I love every single part of it. As a matter of fact, when I pick up my knitting needles in the evening, or work on my Wolf Pup (tiny little loom for you non weavers), my husband says, "Aren't you sick of doing that stuff?"
Here is where I roll my eyes. If only you could see it.
OK, then.
Now that I have established that you were all right, and I was OH SO wrong, I actually have something different to show you. And I found it totally exciting, which shows you that even though my life may not be boring, there are many jet setters out there who would roll their eyes.
That's OK.
Different strokes, eh?
So I decided to stop bagging up my kitty litter for transport to the land fill. All those plastic bags I used, it just didn't seem right. So when I need to know something, I google. And I found that I can compost used kitty litter.
So I had this 'gaylord' in the barn.
For those of you who are saying....wth???
It is a box, sometimes out of layers and layers of corrugated cardboard, and sometimes out of wood. It measures 4 ft square. Here it is after we dragged it out of the barn.
From Crazy as a Loom

It now resides behind the shed, out of site, but near enough to the house to shovel a path in winter.
I didn't want to say that word too loud.
Tammy's boyfriend, Shawn, carried this box on his back. No, he is not Superman. He just thinks he is. Which sometimes is very helpful.
He drilled some holes in the bottom, so it wouldn't hold the water. I covered the bottom with dirt, and in went the used kitty litter.

From Crazy as a Loom

Shawn put lawn clippings over it, but you can use more dirt, leaves, or other yard waste.
Believe it or not, you could use this on your vegetable garden after 18 months......but I think it will just be for flowers and trees.
I might even get some worms at some point, to hasten the process.
I am feeling very environmentally correct today. It is a good feeling.
(can you see DH rolling his eyes?)
Back to old news......porch has FINAL COAT of stain, and it's looking good.

From Crazy as a Loom

Tammy was busy cleaning the house, bless her little heart.
So I made a caterpillar rug, just because I could.
From Crazy as a Loom

One thing getting older has taught me.
Get help, pay for help, ask for help. Don't try to do it ALL yourself.
I used to, God knows. And it wasn't always pretty. I work smarter now. I still work hard, but I work at what I want to work at, and then I am grateful for HELP doing what I don't want to do.
The Solmate sock rugs were a lesson in learning to give up some of the work. I thought, in the beginning, that I could do it all. Then I realized that my time was precious, and that cottage industries are made up of people helping out along the way. It is good for me, and good to give work to people who need it. So I no longer cut the socks into strips, and I no longer loop them together. And you know what, it works for me.

I have had requests for placemats out of the Solmate sock seconds. So I made a couple, but I am still not sure if I like them or not. I guess if you are into funky, they are OK. They would definitely BRIGHTEN up your table, and the best part, they are washable, after all, they're socks!!!!

From Crazy as a Loom

From Crazy as a Loom

I can't imagine what plates I would use? That is, if I had cupboards full of plates to choose from.
At any rate, I think I will put them on my website, and see if they are an idea that will sell, or an idea to forget about.
What do you think?


weaverpat said...

You can compost the scoopable kind??? I have composted litter in the past but only used one called Litter Green (don't think it's still available). Would love to know details because after having cats for over 40 years, that's a lot of litter. We once tried using sawdust which was compostable but that was really messy.

Love the finished porch!

Yeah, I know what you mean by having a certain 'focus' to life. All the stuff I do for relaxation is the same as what I do for work.

Anonymous said...

Your new porch makes me want to have a new house built just so I can have a new porch. HA! Stupid, eh? I try REALLY hard to get hubby to hire other people do do some tasks, but he's a hard head and insists on doing it himself or not getting it done at all. Stubborn man he is.


Joyce said...

Hilary...I like the colorful sock placemats. However, the reason I wanted to leave a comment is this: I'd love to see one very long woven rug down the length of your porch. That would be sooooo cool. Most people wouldn't be able to afford something like that but....Hey YOU can MAKE one! I'm not sure how one would wash something that long. But, maybe you could just just hose it off and hang it over a line to dry. Perhaps I'm just dreamin' but I think the rug could look so darn cool!

LA said...

I can see the table set with those placemats and Fiesta ware. They make such a lovely table setting, and your mats would just add the right accent!

Delighted Hands said...

The colorful placemats would bring a smile to any table. Love the porch!

Kathy said...

I really have enoyed reading your blog. I don't find your posts boring. I love seeing what you are making. I don't weave (I quilt, hook rugs, do cross stitch and a few other things, so I think weaving would put DH over the edge). Your rugs are just beautiful! I love teh sock placemats and the caterpillar rug. I have White Corelle dishes...I think they would look spectacular on the mats!

Sweetpea said...

What a great, no, ENTERTAINING post this is, Hilary! Luv the box, luv the caterpillar rug and REALLLY luv those sockoroonie placemats, especially the edges - yup, my kind of placemats...think you'll sell some, for sure :>]]

Gail said...

What a waste of such a lovely box! I love boxes and this one looks like wood, oh, the things I can do with a wooden box. Can you tell I like boxes?

Do you ever sell your balls of sewn together strings? I would be interested.

Gail said...

I did not mean that to sound bad, not a waste, if that is what you want to do...wonderful idea but did I mention, I love boxes??

Karen said...

Mats are beautiful!... you could use any plate with them, nothing like alittle whimsy.

Love the porch, great width, very important.

Theresa said...

I think those mats are great fun, and for kids they would probably hide small spills really well! Caterpillar rugs are wonderful. I think they are my favorite. Those could make nice table mats too! ;-)
Porch looks great. I'm assuming you are using the old style clay litter for composting. Won't the bottom of the box rot too?

Hilary said...

Great idea for the cat litter..good for you. And I quite like those colourful placemats.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Yup.. those mats are GREAT! and I liked the idea of using Fiesta ware with the solid colors on the crazy patterned place mat. NEATO!

That porch just gets more and more inviting each time i see a new photo...

now how about pots of geraniums hanging down every so often in each opening?

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Sojourner Design said...

OK Hillary,
Here's what I think. I love the SoulMate rugs; just looking at your photos of them is therapy, and I had a very hard time restraining myself when you offered to sell some socks. (Is there a second chance?????)

But... I think those socks need to be in a weave that is a good distance from the eyes, such as on the floor. On a table is too close, too much. That is, unless your cutter can slash them into teeny weeny narrow strands.

Just my opinion... not necessarily correct.


Sharon said...

I think the placemats are wonderful. We have a number of plate sets, have acquired them over the years, mix and match. Some are plain and would look great on those mats. Ian keeps asking when I'm going to make us some. Hmmmmm~

ethelmaepotter! said...

I love the placemats, and I second the suggestion that they would be great with Fiestaware.

Your porch is AMAZING. Looks like it's inviting a swing and a big glass of lemonade.

You just taught me something - I had no idea gaylords could be wooden! All the ones we use at work are cardboard - and MURDER to bend over into!

kelly said...

i love your blog and read all the time. i love the placemats. they are happy, fun, cool and something that would be pricey in my part of the world. keep making beautiful things, it truly inspires me. thanks

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