Monday, April 5, 2010

Solmate sock tote.

I have been wanting to make a tote from the Solmate sock seconds.
This is my first try.
I don't like it much, but I am showing it to you, in the hopes that you might give me some ideas about how to change it.

From Crazy as a Loom

I think it is the raggedy edges that I don't like. Should I turn it inside out, so the raggedy edges are on the inside?? Or do you think that they add character??
From Crazy as a Loom

I tried placemats out of them.....too thick. Didn't like them at all. But in the spirit of having zero waste, I am trying to come up with something for these narrow pieces they call 'heel strips', leftover from the making of hats from the seconds. I would like to avoid sewing them together.

DH and I have been discussing health issues, which appear with regularity as you get older.
It's funny how for years you just don't think about it; when days and weeks and months go by, and other than a cold, you are healthy.
Do we realize how fortunate we are then? I doubt it. I know I never thought much about it. It seemed so right, and so natural.
We just live our lives as if that is the way it is supposed to be. In reality, it is dumb luck most of the time.
Here's to our health.


Tina J said...

I think they would make a great trivet, or seat cover, or how about braiding them to make a braided rug. I know it isn't your thing but it might work.

Hilary said...

I thought of seat pads........braiding would mean sewing.....ack!

Sharon said...

Here's to health! You are so right!! I guess I'd say the bags are interesting enough with all the color movement and that fringe completes with that - my 2 cents.

JC said...

Not sure what to tell you about the bag. I think if you put it the other way it would be too bulky but what do I know. And health, it's pure luck. (I survived a coma and all that it took to recover. My good days are so so nice. Youth is indeed what I wish I could have but I'll just take a nice day anytime)

Brian Miller said...

actually i like all the, the frayed edges are cool. but i am a guy which means i know nothing, heres to your health!

re'New said...

Maybe try sewing the edges without a seam. Just lay them on each other, one fringe facing "east" and the other "west". One fringe would be on the outside of the bag, one on the inside. Not sure exactly how it would all work on the bottom of the bag where the two edges meet, but maybe a little bit of handstitching and you would have a gusset? Does that description make sense at all : )????

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary! I would turn it inside out. Guess I'm just not a fan of fringe.



I've been bag making for a few days now and I can commiserate with you, Kate Spade, Coach and others. How they put them together and all is somewhat an artform. I personally don't like the fringe edge, if you have a serger it could cut down on the bulk when turning them inside out. You could also make them clutch style and add some purse hardware, sort of like the envelope purses that are very popular. I don't really know how intricate you'd want to get but I think the material would be great for some of those.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful colors! I don't like to see the straps on the outside of the purse. I do like the fringe and maybe a blue jean pocket on both sides would break up some of the color. Just a suggestion. I love to see your work and you inspire many of us weavers who everday want to find a product that others want to buy.


KarenInTheWoods said...

Your bag is really cute! The things we think are ugly are usually the first to sell to someone else. LOL

Another idea.. on a plain white rug, perhaps a chenille bedspread or a white looper rug, you could lay in short strips of color pieces like that? perhaps even twist them around a warp thread or two, shaped like the Cancer awareness ribbon motif? Might make an interesting rug... How about 2 pieces twisted together like a bow tie or butterfly-- yah a Butterfly Rug?

ethelmaepotter! said...

I like the fringe, but I'd like to see some braided straps coming from the fringed ends, maybe even tied on in little bows.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the ragged edges, but that's not to say someone else wouldn’t think they are wonderful. I think turning them on the inside would make a lot of bulk. These things- not so easy to sew. I have a lot of respect for those crafters who turn them out by the carloads.
You are right abouyt the health. Now that I have lousy back problems, I take each day by it's pain level. Good days are when I can roll over in bed without cringing.


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