Thursday, April 8, 2010

Caterpillar rugs.

Sometimes when I get off on a tangent, I can't stop myself. Karen over at Karen in the Woods started something when she suggested that I put the heel strips in a solid color rug, interspersing them randomly.
I made three black ones, then I decided to try a white one.

From Crazy as a Loom

I am kind of liking it, but of course, I would love your feedback. There is nothing like objective opinions to put me on the right track.
I think I could call them 'Caterpillar Rugs'.
From Crazy as a Loom

I should have been working on an order, but I didn't. I know it will be there on Monday, and next week is a good time to start it. This week, I am goofing off.

I was reading interesting stuff over at Bonnie's blog, about authenticity and blogging. It was a great topic, with a lot of great responses.
It got me to thinking about the blogs I read, how different they are, and how different I feel when I read them. I don't think I follow any blogs that don't feel authentic to me.
I started this blog because I wanted to promote my weaving studio. I was trying to figure out the direction that Crazy as a Loom needed to go in, so I started writing about it, thinking that somehow that would clear it up for me.
But then I needed to tell you all about saving stray cats, and taking my granddaughters to sheep shearing day at Sheila's, and that to die for pie I made. Then there were rugs, and looms, and and snow storms, pit bulls and Fenway park. Life, my life. My blog.
It just happened, that soon I was telling you what moved me, what worried me, what just plain teed me off.
I even wrote you a poem.
And I started looking at my life through the lens of a camera, seeing all those shots that I would have previously missed.
There have been days that I have actually taken time off from my obsession to work, and had FUN, so I could blog about it later. And you know what, it was fun TWICE. Living my life, writing about it.
Who knew.
A long time ago, a friend told me something that someone had said about me. At first I was surprised, I guess I never thought about people NOT liking me. I figured I was a pretty likable person.
The comment was,"You may like Hilary, or not like her, but you always know where she's coming from."
So OK. Not the prettiest, not the smartest (although I am one point smarter than DH, sorry sweetie) not the thinnest, nor the youngest, not the oldest, not the most talented. But real, and honest.
Straightforward. Sometimes blunt.

With luck, authentic. I have wanted to be many things in my life, I never thought authentic would be one of them.
In some strange way, I think blogging leaves no room for anything else.


Tina J said...

I think you have hit upon a new style, way to go Hilary!

Jaimieb said...

Wow! The white is even more fabulous than the black. And I love the name!

As far as what the person said about you, I think that is high praise. I strive to be authentic, and have such a hard time at times, because I always want people to like me. However, the best thing, the most honest way of being, is authentic. To me you are very self-actualized and that's a great role model for all of us.

Unknown said...

Oh I love the white caterpillar rug, it is very elegant. I am guessing that the black one is too! Keep up the good work and as far as being authentic, keep doing that too, it is inspiring for us chicken littles!

Anonymous said...

I really like the white caterpillar rug. Almost looks as though that pattern would make a nice table runner... has somewhat of a southwestern look to it.

Authenticity... I try to practice it on my blog every day. I can't be anything other than who I am and I have a very strong feeling that you are the same.

The Blue Ridge Gal

re'New said...

I like both the black and white, but if I had to choose I would have to get a black one. For the same reason I wear black shirts - the first time I would use it, I would spill something on it!

I'm taking the first step - I'm being authentic with myself. In my words - "I quit lying to myself" and now everyone around me has to get used to it!

Michael said...

Well, personally, I think you're absolutely Grand. Likable or not. ha ha. And I dig the new weave. (That sounds so ghetto)

Btw, "Then there were rugs, and looms, and and snow storms, pit bulls and Fenway park." is the best line I've heard ALL day. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary; I really like the white one, even though the black is more practical....the white one reminds me of some English nougat candy I used to be able to buy up here, but haven't been able to find in a long time!
I think authenticity is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much...
Thanks for continuing to share part of your life with us!
Karen (Rural Revival's mom)

Lynn Majidimehr said...

I really like the white background, and think the colors pop even more than on the black, and one might work best in one place and the other in a different one. Great blog!

Sharon said...

I like the rug very much, though it wouldn't stay white here very long. As for authenticity, I completely agree. Life is too short to waste it on pretense.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh you are having so much fun with those little bits of colors. Kinda like painting on the loom?

Anonymous said...

Love this look. They look like a couple of rugs that are in the book by Yvonne Lockwood called Finnish American Rag Rug. I recently purchased this and love it.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is an inspiration and I love the new rugs. They remind me of candy sticks!

Life is too short to be anything but authentic, and let's face it, anything else seems to take up too much energy.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

I just love the caterpillar rug!!! Especially in the white! The color really just pops!

Donna Erickson said...

I would LOVE this as a table runner!
The perfect piece for MY house!!

Let me know if you decide to sell them in that size/style!

Hilary said...

Yes, they are on my home page, for sale in a 2x3, either in black or white.
Thanks everyone, for all your rave reviews!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that rug!

Deb Lervaag said...

Authentic - isn't it great when we reach the stage in life when we can be authentic? I am still working, the oldest among mostly 26 yr olds and know what I think and can say what I think without fear of reprisal and other's opinions. Like Popeye said "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam."I love it and I think so do you. I weave when I can - weekends still, until summer. Deb Lervaag

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