Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Down the road from the studio, there is this old barn, right on the highway. It is in sad disrepair. It must have been incredible when it was in its prime. It was foggy this morning, and this photo doesn't do it justice.
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I'll try to do better another day. I am waiting for just the right light. You know how it goes.

I loved all your suggestions about the tote bag. And you're right, they are really heavy, and thick to sew together. Frustrating.
I love the idea of laying the heel strips into another rug, so I gave it a try with black denim.
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Here's a close up.
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I kind of liked it, and it wasn't too time consuming once I got started. But since my supply of black denim isn't unlimited, I decided to try the same thing with black fabric...........which I just happen to have a BARN FULL of.
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Close up........
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I really didn't see much of a difference in the finished product.
And they really kind of open the door to all kinds of other hare brained ideas........which, by the way, I love. You didn't know, did you???
So thanks, Karen, for pushing me in that direction. I think it might get interesting.
What do you think?

The porch is coming along.....I am really excited about it.

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There is certainly room out here........
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I think I should have a porch warming party, ya think??
Of course, you're all invited.


LA said...

I really like that POP of color with the black weft. That makes a super rug! And, your porch is coming along very nicely.

Tina J said...

Love the rug idea! And the porch of course!

Michael said...

I love barns. I used to take my dad's old 35MM and load it with B&W film and snap pictures of every one I came across. (I was "runnoft" from a few). Love that picture.

What are y'all building a B&B?? Geez... ;)

Anonymous said...

Game on for the porch party! Love that porch!!


Hilary said...

I like the way the black sets off those wonderful bright colours. And that porch is looking great.

re'New said...

I like the rugs! That pop of color would work on any solid color rug, I would think! I've been seeing in my mind to add bits of colored denim (which my supply is limited) to my black denim rugs, so it's kinda the same idea. I've just gotten a visual ahead of time :)

Joyce said...

The rugs are winners.....great idea!

Anonymous said...

BARN a dark & rainy night/ young man in his 20's/ maybe a few drinks in him/ 1/2 mile from home/ on rte. 4 with a slow car(it never fails)in front of him/ hits the 's'curves & can't take it any more/ hits the gas,skids on the slick road & puts his new car in the south front corner of that barn(know as the Fenton barn) My brother was fine/ his car frame was bent/ he paid for 3 yrs on a car that never saw the double solid lines again. Lois ps Love your porch!!

jaimie in IL said...

Wow, I really like that rug! That black/dark background with those wonderful colors interspersed throughout is awesome!

Gjeani said...

My daughter who is 14 just looked over my shoulder, saw the rug and said WOW! can you make something like that for me mom? So I think that means she likes it a lot. and so do I.
thanks for the invitation.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

I love the colors on the black background of your rugs!

The barn sure would have been beautiful when it was newly built and your porch is going to be nice when it is finished.

Theresa said...

The black background is really nice. Makes those colors pop for sure. Porch is looking welcoming already. When's the party? :-)

Unknown said...

I love the silhouette of the barn in the fog, beautiful.


JC said...

That's going to be a nice place to sit. I love porches.

Franny V said...

That is a perfect picture of the old barn! The fog really makes the picture.

I covet your porch. I have only a yard square stoop and a bunch of stairs. I can't even open the screen door all the way and anyone coming to the door has to step down a step so I can open the screen. It's the pits, but I do have flower pots around the edges.

Lori said...

I really like the funkiness of the black with the blips od color. Fun idea! and your porch is going to be beautiful!

bspinner said...

I love the eerie picture of the barn!!!!!

New rug is great. I love how you added those shots of color.

Porch warming. How I'd love to join you!!! Nothing better than a porch to sit on and enjoy the nice weather.

Lynn said...

Oh, I love those rugs! And I would love to come for a porch-warming party (it's only a 4- or 5-hour drive!) - make sure you invite us all!

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Because every thread counts