Monday, February 22, 2010

Star Power.

Back to normal today. No more Queen for a Day.
But, wow, it was fun. I can't remember when I have enjoyed a birthday more.

My family was here for a spagetti of my favorite meals.

With garlic bread. My youngest daughter made it with fresh ingredients. Yum.

From Crazy as a Loom

And since it was MY day, I got the cake of MY choice.........yellow cake with PEANUT BUTTER frosting.
Oh, my.
From Crazy as a Loom

I don't think everyone was quite as enthusiastic as I was......and there was Peanut Butter Pandemonium ice cream.
Who cares about presents?

But I got two things that I have been coveting for awhile. My daughters bought me a speaker dock for my I Touch, because I am not fond of having earphones in my ears while I am weaving. And about a week ago, I was listening to music, and when I went to cut the fabric to put on the shuttle, I almost cut the cord to the ear thingies. So a dock will be very nice.
And DH bought me a Kindle, which I have wanted for some time. It is very cool, I already started reading my first book on it, and I will be able to listen to books while I weave.
I am well known to my family as being very fond of all new gadgets. They said I should change my name to 'Techno Weaver'.
I think it is important to keep up, don't you?
And I have to admit, I am mesmerized by all things geeky.
Oh, well.
And I had a couple of bunnies at my birthday party.
From Crazy as a Loom

Aren't they the sweetest?

And one of them wanted me to take a picture of her eating a carrot, as bunnies do.
So I did.
From Crazy as a Loom

And now back to work.......rugs to weave, studio to clean. I will have to wait another year to be Queen for a day again.



Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hilary. Peanut butter frosting? I've never heard of it, I may have a slight craving after seeing that lovely cake. Yep, definitely have a craving. Sounds like a delicious dinner and with two adorable bunnies. Enjoy your kindle, I love listening to audio books during my commute.


Country Girl said...

Oh, what a wonderful and content post, Hilary. Happy belated to you, my friend. The whole day sounds good to me. I'm really not a tech geek. But I do agree that it's good to keep up.

Michael said...

Very Cool Birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Your bunnies are oh so sweet!

Happy happy birthday my dear, and oh... keeping up with the techie stuff at our age is most important if we wish to still be cool.


The Blue Ridge Gal

Jaimie in IL said...

I would have loved that peanut butter frosted cake! And I love my kindle too, you will enjoy it so much! I am glad your birthday was so enjoyable, but how could it not be so, with those cutie bunnies.

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday! What a fabulous cake :)

ethelmaepotter! said...

Aw, I'm not much on peanut butter, but that garlic bread....YUMMMMM!!!!! And those little bunnies are the CUTEST!!!!!!
Happy belated birthday!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Happy belated birthday. You truly were queen for a day. That garlic bread looked divine!

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday! I found you from Life in Mathews where you left you happen to like old building and out houses.. check me out for a couple of shots of old homes in Mathews... :)

Ann Marie said...

I should have said it is the Hillbilly Gothic blog :)


Happy Birthday!! and your not as old as dirt, I have confirmation that dirt is at least 96 so your just a young pup. I've had peanutbutter frosting and I envy you, yummmm!

LadyFi said...

What fun! And peanut butter frosting - how unusual and cool is that! Yum!

Susan Harvey said...

Happy birthday Hilary! What cute bunnies you have there.

I love gadgets too and wear my Ipod while I weave. I fish the cord up under my blouse and sometimes through the bra so the cord doesn't get in the way. I like the better sound quality of the ear buds. I have a docking station for playing for the whole room and it nicely charges up the device.

I get to be queen for a day next month... can I borrow your bunnies? My children don't seem to know how to make them!

:) Susan

Sharon said...

Well, you certainly do have the prettiest birthday bunnies I've ever seen. I ripped my earbuds out of my ears just today, when I reached down and caught the cord on the front beam. What a perfect present. The jury is still out on the Kindle though. I'm the only Kindle-free member in my second book group. I'm in love the feeling of the book in my hands - it's a tactile thing.

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Because every thread counts