Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just desserts

I am positive now that I have lost my mind........what was I thinking???? YOU ALL DESERVE A HANDWOVEN TOWEL.
You do.
Why couldn't I have used that random integer thingie that Kate uses over at Chronicles of a Country Girl , or I could have had my husband draw a name out of a bag, like Di does over at the Blue Ridge Gal.

But no, I had to make it complicated.
The truth of the matter is that I only have two towels left.
So, after much thought, the 'most' deserving is: Misha of From My Front Porch in the Mountains
Did you read what she said??
A towel that will understand, that even though there is a dishwasher in the 100 year old kitchen, a choice has been made not to use it.

Heart be still..........
I know, I get goofy about some things, but that just touched me.

And because I never like to go by the rules, I am going to give the second towel to Di over at the Blue Ridge Gal, because if I don't, she is going to cry.
Now you don't want me to be responsible for that, now do you?
So, ladies, email me your real address, and I will send your towels right out, they are already in their little boxes, they just need some direction.

I have been working at weaving a warp off, a warp I have not been particularly crazy about; tan, loden green, pink.

From Crazy as a Loom

I think I put it on for an order, and put on more than I needed. I usually do that, but I shouldn't have with this one, since the colors didn't exactly inspire me.
But it's off now, and a new natural warp is on the loom, ready to go.

I have had no more jaw pain, thankfully.
I did have a CT scan of my stomach the other day, in search of the cause. I had a vile of nasty liquid, that I had to split into three doses. I mixed them each with 12 oz of liquid per the directions.....I used Gatorade.....and I had to drink them on an empty stomach, one at 8am, 8:30am, and 9:00am.
Then I drove a half hour to the Imaging Center.
I know that they do these tests over and over and over, and that they repeat the same instructions and cautions many, many times over the course of a day.
But I had to laugh. You're lying on a table, in a blue gown, and you are headed for this opening in a machine that has a sound reminiscent of the fan in a car. I know, I am dating myself.
IV in place.
"You're going to feel hot all over, you will get a metallic taste in your mouth, and you will feel like you are going to pee your pants. But you won't."
Menopause? Again????

But seriously, she was right. It was exactly as she described. And over in about 10 min.
And today, they called with the results.........they didn't say pristine, but that's what they meant.
Hunky dory.
They could have said that. I would be just as OK with hunky dory, as I was with Pristine.
I am not that hard to please.
Still no answer, but good news nonetheless.

Remember Sydney......found her in the barn last September. She weighed 5.5 lbs, and she was pregnant at the time.
Well, she is quite settled in her new home. She doesn't seem to mind being a house cat. And she has more than doubled her weight.
From Crazy as a Loom

When she walks, she waddles. She needs to be on a diet. She deserves one.
From Crazy as a Loom

I am NOT eating that.

Warped is wonderful, honest.


LA said...

Someone will have just the right place for that rug. It's very calming to look at, and it makes me think of Spring, for some reason. Hyacinths! Yes, that's it! Sydney has GROWN!

Hilary said...

I'm glad that you're getting the all clear. Congrats to the winners. That cat is gorgeous.. just like my Skitty. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you little darlin' !! I can't wait for the towel... my first piece of woven artwork from you.

Oh, and I have to tell you how much I adore Misha's blog too. SO many wonderful ladies out there blogging.

I'm not a cat person but gosh... how can I not adore Sydneys' face. Looks just like my dad's favorite cat from years ago. Brings back so many lovely memories.

Thank you my friend!
I will sit by my mailbox every day until the towel arrives.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Unknown said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Sweetpea said...

C-as-a-L, I am laughing my head off..honestly, how do you do it, that Meno stuff, having gone through it myself all I can do is bow down to your humor about it! And then there's that Kat, whose eyes I want to dive into and not resurface for hours (no matter what she weighs). Honestly, can I PAY you for these moments of giggling???!!!

KarenInTheWoods said...

LOL ...first you are PRISTINE....
now you are HUNKY DOREY!

Gosh I love your medical prognosis. You do a body good!

Karen and Steve

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to make my way to the weaving supply store for spring colors.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Thank you so much!! I was so excited that I had won, I woke my husband to tell him :)

Did you know that Di made the new header for my
blog? It is beautiful!! I feel like somebody now!

I think I will wait at my mailbox, too! Wouldn't want to be late in hanging my new, handwoven by Hilary, towel on it's fancy dancy hook!
My dishwasher is going to be so jealous :)

Come visit when you have time!

p.s. you are pristine!

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Because every thread counts