Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My husband likes pit bulls.

From Crazy as a Loom

Yesterday was my anniversary. I can't believe we actually picked FEBRUARY to get married, but we did. I remember the night well, it was wicked cold. Now there's a surprise, it's cold in the northeast.
I blogged a bit about it here, how we met and all.

What I probably neglected to say was that I wasn't easy to nail down. He would probably say that I'm still not.
But a couple of years into our relationship, I decided I needed to go to Guatemala on a medical mission. I was determined, consumed. Not really new to me.
He was dead against it. I would be killed, I would meet someone else, you name it and he had a list to choose from.
But, like he always does, he supported me in my endeavors. He says I am kind of like a pit bull, when I get something in my head.
So off to Guatemala I went.
And what a trip that was.

First we flew out of Albany to NYC, then to Miami, and then off to Guatemala. As we approached the airport in Guatemala City, the plane shook so hard, it felt like it was going to come apart at the seams. We found out later, that the airport is in the middle of the city, and they didn't really have a lot of room to land in.
Not very good planning.

We all loaded into a ancient school bus, and with all our suitcases tied onto the top of the bus, we headed off into the night. There was an accident on one of the dark mountainous roads. Imagine if you can, a group of onlookers all tipping the overturned car back up on its wheels, while others put the driver in the back of a pickup truck, and hauled him off to the hospital.
When we got to the hotel, which was actually a pleasant surprise, we were one suitcase short. So everyone that wore scrubs, donated something to the person who now had no clothes at all.

We spent eight days in Guatemala, in a little town called Nueva Santa Rosa. We held a clinic every day in the mission there, and saw crowds of people who waited in line, some who walked for miles to get there. They were people with little or no health care, who lived in the poorest of conditions.
It was an experience I will never forget. I am glad I went. It gave nursing a whole new dimension, and made me appreciate that I don't live in a third world country. We have so much here. Unless you go some place like that, you have no idea.
But I digress........the Guatemala trip is another story, what I was getting to was the fact that when I got off the plane in Albany, feverish and sick, (don't drink the water, or indulge in ice cubes in your Coke)............. Bill was waiting for me with a diamond ring in hand.
And I said yes, because I finally got the #1 rule down: #1 Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery."
And besides, he likes pit bulls.
The first thing my youngest daughter said to him was, "I hope you like my mother's dogs."
And he did.

I still don't know why we got married in February.

Today was a black day. Not really black. But that is what I am doing.

Black balls.
I'm serious.

From Crazy as a Loom

From Crazy as a Loom

I am not really much into black, but black jeans make an awesome rug.
And they sell well, so I am making a stack of them.
But I crave color, and I while I am weaving cold black, I will be dreaming of summer.

From Crazy as a Loom

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Sweetpea said...

Well, I love ALL your rugs so I'm a bit biased, but just gotta say...THAT is totally GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

I may need me a black rug. It would hide so many sins on my floors in the back hallway where the pups come in and out all day long... hmmmm, may have to consider.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(love the Guatemala story!)

Theresa said...

No need to go out of the country to help people in free clinics. Have you seen the ones that have been going on?
The black rugs look wonderful but I'd be of a mind to want to put a pop of color in there myself! Maybe a bumblebee rug? :-)

Delighted Hands said...

I am sure it is boring to weave but it is quite the rug statement-hafta agree-super wow!

Unknown said...

I love the black rug! Just beautiful! Happy anniversary!

Benita said...

That is a seriously classy rug and what a story!!! Thank you!

You make me want to become a rug weaver, but it's hard to wear rugs. :)

bspinner said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Thanks for sharing your trip to Guatamela.

Black rugs are so rich looking. NICE!

Sharon said...

Ooh, I do love the black rug. Your story reminds me of living in the Philippines. Riding the "rapid transit" is a permanent memory, but specially one trip when the man in the seat in front of me rose to exit at his stop. The lethal weapon tucked quietly into his belt rose right before my eyes, like a cobra.

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Because every thread counts