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Thursday, January 17, 2019


Or so they say.....coming Saturday into Sunday......18” of they say.
Everyone converging on the grocery store......milk, bread, toilet paper.
Well, I’m good really.......have plenty of almond and coconut milk, have plenty of ingredients to whip up some bread, and I buy toilet paper online and have it delivered 27 rolls at a time, so I’m good there, too.
I may go to the store, just to have some items to make soup with....but that’s about all the preparation I’m going to make.

I did not send the email.  I believe the friendship was better in my head than the flawed, real life version.   Plus I opt for no drama.......and sending it opens that drama door.

We all have moments of feeling lonely, don’t we?  Even, or more so, with people around.
I think getting older definitely has it’s lonely moments. On one hand, getting older is freedom from worrying about how you look, what you’re wearing, other people’s opinions, and other people’s rules.
But your children are grown with their own lives, people you know die, go south for the winter, move away......or grow old in a way that changes everything.
Sometimes I worry that Naya is over bonded with me.....she can’t be too far from me ever, and if I leave for any length of time, when I come back, she is sitting by the back door waiting, no matter how long I’ve been gone.
But on the other hand, she is company, companionship, my 24 hour compadre.  I can’t imagine my life without her.

Every day we walk, even though my right hip is ALIVE with tendonitis from weaving on that old Union Custom upstairs. We walk, I moan and groan, but we walk.  It will be such a treat to walk in nice weather.
The Union needs a make over.  I am considering a couple of things. First I may just flip the treadles around ...attach them at the front of the loom, instead of the back.....which may may treadling easier, without raising your hips....and if that doesn’t work, I may try to convert it to a loom like the Rio Grande walking loom.  Stay tuned for that reveal. Ha!

The OctaDO is lovely, now that I have worked the kinks treadling there either..... just the one bar that you step on......up....down.....period.  I have a narrow, bamboo scarf warp on it, more to acclimate myself to the loom than anything.

Lois is weaving wool silk in vibrant turquoise on her hand dyed bamboo warp on the Baby Wolf, her fave loom.

And I’m weaving towels from my cotton stash on the AVL.......trying to get our towel stock back up to 150.  What a way to get through

Every night I brace myself for my trip outside to the hot tub......always worth it, by the way.

I am amazed, every time, at the busy sky overhead.  It’s not just that our lives are full and overscheduled.....our skies are indicative of the crazy world we live in.
If you doubt it, go to  Omg. You will not believe how many planes there are flying around our earth.....why does  no one ever mention that particular pollution? How can that NOT be a factor?  It truly boggles the mind.
It makes me feel that to find real peace and quiet and serenity in this world, you have to work at it.

I’m on it.


sue said...

Hi Hilary,
Your over bonding comment is one worry I have as well with my dog Min. I have been retired as long as she has lived with me. She had two big surgeries during that time with intense recuperation time. I hate leaving her at any time and she comes along for quick errand runs, if the temperature permits, and waits for me in the car. I do make a point of dropping her off at the vet's once a month for half a day of playtime so that she's always comfortable with them and the boarding experience that we have at least annually. She is a big dog and just turned 7 so every day I wonder how much time we will have together. I am so lucky that she came to live with me.

Janice Zindel said...

Hi Hilary,... at my age, 68, I do not need unnecessary drama in my life. A couple years ago, a friend, or so I thought, was suddenly very rude, unkind. I made other arrangements for the afternoon, and after going over the conversation again and again, decided no, I wasn’t going to be treated that way, and that “friendship” was over. That was a couple years ago, and though I miss her at times, I’m not going back. Hoping you will reach peace with your experience.

My Keda, who has neuro issues, is very attached, and when I’m not around, finds a Kleenex or two and shreds them. It could be worse!

Thanks for sharing the flight radar site, very cool! It showed one flight near my location when I looked. But other areas? Wow!

Peg Cherre said...

I’m confident you made the right decision for you and your life. Regarding dogs, I routinely wonder if I don’t travel because of my little dog, or if he’s just a handy excuse for me. I don’t know the answer, but do know I can start to get anxious after a few days away. Would it go away if I stayed longer???

Marla said...

I have never written to a 'blogger' before but I was searching free weaving patterns (I'm a new weaver) and somehow came upon your blog. What a treat!! I too am an 'older' woman who still thinks she's 27--alright, maybe 39 is truer. And then I look in the mirror--yikes! who is that person looking back at me?? Thank goodness I've been with my husband for more than 45 years--known him for 60-- and he still sees the same person I think I am ... So I have a Magic Mirror in him, even if he's not hanging on the wall for all to see the same reflection. Not sure that came out exactly right ... In any event, needed to write and say thanks for the laugh!! Life IS tough--though I too am so very grateful for all of my wonders. 3 grown children who are married to good partners, 6 (!) grandchildren. My delight!! Though I am not happy that my children have all my grandchildren living out of state ... still working on that one. I'm in New England, braving the cold, and will look forward to the wisdom of your next blog to add some fun and warmth to my day! Many thanks and happy weaving -- Marla

Sarah T said...

My fur baby is my rock to keep me in a good place.

Have you tried Cold Laser therapy? If it is available near you give it a try. The laser 'kickstarts' the bodies own healing process. I usually feel better after 1 session, some people need a couple to feel better.

Good Luck! and happy weaving!!!

Pat said...

I hope the weather hasn't completely taken over your life. And your health is making a clim back to normalcy. I enjoy your posts and learn so much from your comments.

Pat said...

I hope you are doing well. Your weaving is always an inspiration. Thank you.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts