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Friday, July 14, 2017


For those of my blogger friends who have followed for awhile, you probably remember BubbaLee.

Here she is about 7 years ago.   I first caught her two kittens, found them homes, watched her carousing around with "Bunny Nose" aka Pete, and with Lois, caught her next 5 kittens, found them homes.
Eventually, we caught HER, and got her spayed.
She's been around her since spring 2010.  Sometimes she would be gone for days, but she would always return.  I've fed her, given her a heated place to sleep in the barn, but never in all this time has she let me or Lois near enough to touch her.

Fast forward to this summer.
"Goldie" who I think is a boy, but who might not be, has been hanging around for a year, to the point now that  he really just lives here.   He is never gone for more than an hour.  And usually if you call to him, he comes out from some hiding place.

I really do think he is an older cat, and for some reason became homeless.
But he seems quite content to be here.  He also has a heated house in the barn, and regular meals.

One night I went out to close the outside gate to the chicken run...even though there is an automatic door on the chicken coop, I like to create one more barrier to intruders, so every night at dusk, I go out to close that door.

Goldie greets me and follows me, and throws himself down in front of me, to get some attention......and while I am scratching his ears, and petting him, I hear "meow, meow".
I look around, and BubbaLee is staring at me from under my car.  So I said, "well, come here then, if you want some attention".
And lo, and behold, after SEVEN years of being untouchable, here she comes.

So what has transpired in the last couple of weeks is this:

Any time you go outside, they are there, together.

They want to be loved.
And they are.

 They have something to say, and I listen.

They have decided that this is an ok, safe place, and it is.

They tolerate each other, but he defers to her every time.

She's the boss.
I think he's ok with that.

He is definitely more comfortable with me.

As evidenced by his ability to sleep at my feet.

I zoomed in here, and see that he doesn't have a lot of teeth.

But he thinks he likes TEA.

BubbaLee is not far behind him in feeling comfortable though.


 I don't think her teeth are in great shape either, so they split a can of cat food every morning, in addition to dry food all day.

Three inside cats, two outside cats.

And I always thought I was a "dog" person.

Guess all these rescue cats had other ideas.


Karen said...

How Awesome!! I do remember Bubbalee... good LORD is that really seven years ago???... It took seven years, but you showed her... life can be good, people.. can be good. Amen, friend good work.

Hilary said...

How I love this.. and you.

They know a good home when they see one. Even if it takes some of them seven years to admit it. <3

Peg Cherre said...

That is one stubborn cat, and you a one patient and kind woman.

kelley said...

what a lovely post..thank you for your kind heart

Anonymous said...

You are the cat whisperer. Lovely to see everyone both inside and outside are doing well and feel safe and cared for. Love your kind heart.

LA said...

I just wanted to thank you for providing a safe place for all the creatures that come into your life.

Cindie said...

They know a safe and caring home when they find one!

Jenny said...

How heartwarming. My 3 cats just found me, and 1 of them took a couple of years to come into the house. I always think cats that have coped outside in all weathers truly appreciate the little luxuries of home life so much you can almost see them smile!

Liz ONeill said...

See your BubbaLee makes me remember when you showed me, before I got my Maine Coon,how they love to have their bellies rubbed...very sweet. Is this going to be a regular series about the cat adventures ?

weaverpat said...

I think the reason I love cats so much is because of the way they make their decisions about life. And they can change their minds, and do. Just when you think you know them, they do something totally amazing that you would have never expected.
So glad BubbaLee has a buddy and she has decided to have a closer relationship with you.

Valerie said...

Bubba Lee's story makes me wonder how many of us humans reject safe, loving, harbors out of fear and suspicion. 7 years is a huge segment of a cat's life....

PKBrandon said...

Isn't it a great feeling when they finally start trusting you?! It does take time but eventually, they come around when they feel safe.

Goldie is beautiful.

I found a starved cat about 6 weeks ago and have taken him in. I'm now up to 5 cats, and I too, consider myself a dog person with 4 of my own and 1 foster. The cats are very entertaining though. I'm glad you helped them - they are lucky.

518Frenchgirl said...

Hi Hilary, I totally get why that excites you...maybe she just reached a phase in her life that she needed and wanted companionship and comfort. i'm glad it happened and that both of them have such a nice reliable friend in you. Great post!! Marilou

Daryl said...

i am sure Goldie is male, 99.99% of all gingers are male and sweet as they come and of course he defers to her ... she was there first and gingers totally 'get' that ... i love this post, i love ALL animals but i think deep down i am a cat person .. my three sure think so .. xo

Handmade by Stefanie said...

Awww I love this! I grew up with dogs but now I have two cats, I firmly maintain that you can be both and dog AND cat person. There are dozens of us!!

Patty said...

Aww! I love hearing good things when their is so much bad out there. I have been a dog lover my whole life until I rescued a cat in a bad situation. I now have two rescued cats and feeding a stray. He is ginger colored and been feeding him for almost two years. Still can't get close to him. So your post shows their is hope that he may come up to me. I wish he had a heated space in winter because it gets very cold.
Thank you for taking care of these two special cats.

Angela Tucker said...

Love, love, love your story...I am not a cat person, but we rescued our Moto a year ago and he is a people cat. LOL When we rescued him, we were told that: he is not a lap kitty. Hmmmm, yes he is. He doesn't like snacks. Hmmmm, yes he does. He is very standoffish. Hmmmm, I can't really think so, since he sleeps at the end of our bed. LOL

I'm happy for you, Bubbalee, and Goldie. You can never have too many friends. Smile.

Janice said...

I have always had cats find me. They live where they want to live and that's that! Thanks for your lovely posts. I don't often find time to cruise the Internet, but I always stop by yours. Love your weaving.

Deb said...

So nice to see them. Goldie is a handsome lad. Yes, I remember Bubbalee. It is a special moment when that trust in you comes to life and you become close friends. Love the knee highs and the wee front sox.

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Because every thread counts