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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday check in

I see this old barn every time I take Roy for a walk.  It makes me sad that it is so neglected.

I have been taking it pretty easy, still getting settled, figuring out this new "semi-retirement", and basically enjoying the process.

On a medical update, I don't think that the gin and raisins are a viable option for decreasing arthritis pain.
Not to mention that they are disgusting.

I have been going for my osteopathic manipulative  treatments for the last month or so, and the incredible news is that my headaches have decreased in severity 50%, and some days even more than that.
To say that I am 'over the moon' would not do my feelings about this any justice.
I am amazed, grateful, relieved.  It's been a long 3 and a half years.
As you who follow me here, know all too well.

So on my last OMT, my doctor said, I think you should try a gluten free diet for 6 weeks.


Yes, he thinks that it will help my persistent stomach issues, and more.  In fact, he said he is 98% sure that I will feel better on many levels.
And because I love him (how could I not?) and trust him, I said OK.

I've been on it 7 days today.  One week down.

 It has definitely been a thought process.

 I have had to shop with it in mind, and cook with it in mind.
And of course, I already don't eat meat, so this really complicates things.

This is my meat free, gluten free, burrito bowl.
It was delicious.
Brown rice, sauteed red peppers and onions, black beans, cheese, lettuce/tomatoes, avocado, and a little salsa.

I figure if I could deal with a headache for over 3 years, I ought to be able to do a gluten free diet for 6 weeks.
And if he is right, who knows, maybe it will be a way of life.
I'm open.

This weekend I started some 2'x6' runners, here is the first.

I love the vibrant colors.

 And you know me and color.


Deb said...

Hi Hilary - Glad to hear you are getting relief from those horrid headaches. I hope it continues. I know people on gluten-free diets and they seem to manage fine. I guess like anything it takes time to get used to it but that burrito got my attention. You'll probably lose weight as everyone I know on these diets do. Now as far as that barn goes, have you thought of bringing it home? :)

Christine said...

I've not gone gluten free, but I have started the anti-inflamitory diet which has very little and it seems to be helping.

Anonymous said...

That burrito bowl looks absolutely delicious, of course I always think the food you show us look yummy.

Very happy to hear that that HH is being tamed, you deserve to feel wonderful and pain free.

Had a bit of a chuckle about the barn, (must be a midwest farming girl thing on my part) - the barn looks just fine to me, only needs a bit of paint. Heck the roof isn't falling in and the doors are still on their hinges - good to go as they say around here. ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey Hillary, have you tried tart cherry juice for the arthritis pain? My brother has bad knees, especially in a MN winter,
but he has seen vast improvements with pain when he began drinking that. Love the burrito, I eat a lot of rice and
veggies too, just in an effort to reduce the inflammation a normal diet incurs. Love the movie Forks Over Knives. These
docs got it right, methinks.

Carol from MN said...

glad you are feeling better, glad you are trying new things to feel even better and LOVE the runner! :)

Pepper Medley said...

I started eating differently this week also. Mostly just removing cheese and red meats from my diet. Drinking lots of smoothies, veggie and fruit. Time to get this body healthy again like it was just a few years ago. Guess I just got lazy about eating right. Good luck with your gluten free! Hope it makes things a bit better for you...

Lydia La La said...

That is great news about the head ache! Who knew? With your past history, you will be crossing fingers and hoping it's long term.

I don't do gluten free but have seen nothing but great results with friends and family so you are on a winner there.

Re: arthritis. I've joined a facebook group called Tumeric Users Group and have been amazed at the results they get for many things. Arthritis sufferers being helped a lot. Suits man and beast too. Roy would be more than frisky! Hope this helps and it's worth trying. Google Golden Paste for the recipe. By the way, I love your colours on that rug and pretty good tight weaving there too.

Take and keep on keeping well.xx

Karen said...

Mark my words. Because I know this from personal experience. You cut out the gluten.. and stick with it!... and you will feel atleast 50 percent better than you do now. On several fronts. It's amazing. And I am not a celiac. even my blood pressure drops when I do not consume gluten. The trick is to -not- eat it. it's everywhere. But you've got a good start.

Jean said...

My daughter had gluten issues, not celiac disease but serious issues with gluten, and found that like many other people she can eat sourdough bread that she makes herself if it is allowed to raise 8-10 hours - this changes the gluten so she can tolerate it. I can't imagine trying to live without wheat. I am thankful you have found relief for your headaches. I admire your courage. Best wishes.

Daryl said...

i think that semi retirement = semi less stress = 50% less headaches ... and i suspect that the tummy issues (aside from the good doctor's thinking) will calm itself as you relax into your new life ... just sayin'

thotlady said...

I love the colors too.

JCMurray said...

I have to eat gluten free, my body doesn't like it. It is a bit of a challenge, bread is the hardest to give up, but I find substitutes. There is gluten is so many things. I eat tuna salad with corn chips (sort of a take on chip and dip). hummus with chips. Aldi's sells great gf pretzels. peanut butter and jelly on pretzels is good. yogurt with grapes and granola (check carefully, a lot of them have wheat). Beans and rice. curry. baked potato with the works. There are lots of food that are naturally gluten free. It is a challenge, and if it helps, it's worth the trouble.

Devon said...

Hi Hillary... My 15 year old has Celiac's DX in Jan. of this year. It was a huge change, but we are all doing it now and it isn't too difficult. I've found that Barilla makes a wonderful pasta.. the other brands are a bit too grainy tasting. Also, Mission now has a pretty good gluten free flour tortilla. Most things I make from scratch... I buy massive quantities of Bob's Red Mill baking mix.. it gives you a guide for how much xantham gum to add, so all you have to do is find your old recipes, substitute the flour with the baking mix and add the xantham gum. This way I can use my old recipes and everything turns out great!
Good luck... and that burrito bowl looks fantastic!

MarthaVA said...

What GREAT news about the headaches! I'm SO happy for you you're finally finding some relief.
Love that you're adjusting to semi-retirement. :-)
I am also trying to cut out the gluten but have not been as strict as I should. I'm doing it because my arthritis is getting worse, and I also need to lose a LOT of weight. I've tried Turmeric but it upsets my stomach. Heck, that meal you made looks awesome but those peppers and onions would upset my tummy. :-(
The rugs are gorgeous and so colorful!
I hope the healing continues and the gluten free helps. Oh, that person that mentioned the Barilla pasta - they have gluten free and it's actually GOOD! We had some, and even my Italian hubby loved it.
Take care and continue healing.

Rain said...

Oh dear -I've been gluten free 15 years and vegetarian 50.... does feel much better- also recently threw in a daily pro-biotic and that really helps!!
It's a challenge..... this so called life...... But worth it......

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts