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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Little of this, little of that.

As I mentioned previously, Lois and I are working on a stack of 4'x6' rugs,  here are two of them.
 We have 4 made.
We do half a rug, and quit.  This is our new retirement mode.
We finish it another day, then the next day we start again.

 What is that saying about slow and steady??   
We've had to change it up, since I am the treadler, and I usually work on the right and use my left leg to stretch to the center where the treadles are.   My left hip is still not happy, so we switched up and I am on the left side, using my right leg, and LOIS is the BRAKE operator.   
Which I love, by the way.
She's getting quite proficient at it, I must say.


She's just finised some blue jean rugs, 2'x3', they are also on my web site.  We're going to be doing a lot more 2'x3' rugs, I am liking this size.

Just a few random things:

I have had a porch runner hanging in this spot in the past, and I think I am going to take the old wheel down and do it again.
It needs some COLOR.

Lois' rhubarb is going full tilt, and I am the designated pie maker.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, I have a glass of wine, or maybe one of my remaining Kaliks.

I LOVE my screened porch.  Doesn't it look inviting???


Karen said...

Porches are a gift to us all - I think everyone should have one - they beg you to slow down, take a rest, take it all in and just breathe! I vote for the runner on the wall too.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Porch looks like a great place for a nap! Do the kitties get to come out to the porch?

Daryl said...

oh it does look inviting .. and as always i am wishing i had the floor space for a runner ... or even a wall to hang one on ... someday ... xo

claudia said...

You and Lois make a great team! A fun team to boot.
I vote for the runner on that wall too. And thanks for the idea...I have some walls that can use some runners.

Christine said...

That's what I need - a glider!

thotlady said...

Beautiful, colorful screen porch. Love it.

Vicky said...

The porch- oh yes- between that and the pie- I'd have a hard time leaving :)

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts