Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Amen Sister

I don't know what's up with my blogging.  Sometimes I think I just have no more to say, then other times I think it is the drain of dealing with my head every day.
It sure has changed my life.

And it seems like I am busy, too busy, all the time.
Does that happen to you??   There is so much to do, there is never enough time in the day.

One little lady is on the move, and there is no sitting when I'm with her.
It didn't seem this hard when I was raising my children, all those years ago.
But how I love her.

I am weaving baby blankets on the AVL, hoping to have a pile of them.
Of course, everything that could go wrong, did.
I think it took me about a yard, to get through all the kinks.

I did manage to take Roy for a long walk today.  He is feeling much better.

I love the fall, it has always been my favorite time of year.

Tonight I went over to the studio, when I remembered  that I hadn't closed the shed.  And that was as good an excuse as any.   I stayed for a bit, talked to the chickie girls, and Bart.  Did a little weaving.
When I left to come home, I locked the door and shut it, at the exact same moment that I realized that my keys were on the kitchen counter.
Too late.
Locked out.
I could have called DH, 10 miles away, but I knew he was busy closing the pool.
I could have called L, 5 miles away, but I hated to bother her.
I called my neighbor, who has an emergency key, but she wasn't home.


So tonight I proved a couple of things.

1. These windows should always be locked, they are pretty accessible, even though they are high.

2.  And 67 year old women can still break into their own house through the window.



Deb said...

Oh I loved this. Way to go, Hilary. There is nothing we 60ish women can't do if we put our mind to it. I have noticed you aren't blogging as much and I certainly understand with a busy summer behind us but I have to say that when I don't hear much from you I start to worry about that damn headache of yours. I'm so glad to know it is mostly just 'no time'. Love that little Dale. What a cutie. Hugs, Deb

Rain said...

60's------can do attitude
Headache------still pain in ass
Roy------missed that he was sick-glad better
Time------aahhhhh yes
------hang in there my friend----

Unknown said...

Sydney told me this morning that it was quite a sight to see mom coming thru the window 'ass over teakettle' last night..
where is that motion activated camera when you want it!!

Daryl said...

glad to hear Roy is feeling better and that you are as agile as you are AND that you realized where you left the keys .. not like my husband who thought his keys were one place when they were actually another .. ha

Sharon said...

I'm impressed. I don't think I could climb through that window. Good job! And I love the baby blankets :)

Susan said...

Ingenius! I am lucky in that I don't need to lock my doors or windows - any fool who would brave the dogs, deserves what they get! Your granddaughter is just adorable - and I LOVE the baby blanket!

Carol from MN said...

;) made my day!

Gayle said...

60s is only a number. I can never figure out how my children are approaching their 40s when I am still 30.
I'm a little concerned about the pallet ladder though, if that's what you used.

Connie in Hartwood said...

It's always a delight to catch up with the goings on in your neck of the woods. Never doubted for a moment that you would find a way out of your own problem. Using a pallet as a ladder is genius.

Hilary said...

Of course you'd be kicking yourself (and I might be kicking you too) if you had landed on that stubborn head of yours. ;) But you didn't. And you rule!

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts