Monday, September 22, 2014

A Harem in Kingsbury

You know that you're crazy, right????

This is the question posed to me by L today.

And it's all Bart's fault.  He was out of the garden today, quite frantic, because he couldn't get back in to his flock.
DH was painting, and saw him, opened the gate, and let him back in.

I have seen 'several' of the girls flapping their wings and trying to fly around in there.......and they easily got to the height of the top of the fence.
So what to do.
I have every intention of putting a 7 ft fence around the garden at some point, so I can let them in there every year.  But doing it now is problematic.
First off, I have a lot of things on my plate.
Secondly, my head is not making my life easy.
Thirdly, I called everywhere I could think of, and no one has the fence I want.

So, I brainstormed.  There had to be a way to fix this, with stuff I have.
And what, pray tell, do I have the MOST of.
Yup, fabric.

L helped me, it didn't take long.  This prompted the question about whether or not I knew that I was crazy.

 The wind was blowing, and the chickens ran out, and back in.......both curious and anxious at the same time.
It will probably take a few days for it to feel normal.  Today it's windy, so they are really spooked.

But guess what?

It works.  It's colorful.  It cost nothing.
And who else has a harem in their back yard,  complete with tent...........BART???


Janet said...

Great! Love it!

Cait Throop said...

Looks like a PARTY!! Fun and happy!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you simply have to go with whatever works.... I thinks it's groovy! LOL

Hilary said...

Well that's just brilliant. And colourful.

Linda said...

It looks great! Now if you can just get the girls to belly dance!

Unknown said...
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Dizzy-Dick said...

That is the prettiest garden cover I have ever seen. And, because of Linda's comment, I had to look real close to see if there were any belly dances (grin).

messymimi said...

This made my afternoon! Ingenious!

Portia's Cloth said...

I wonder if they'll start to lay pink eggs?

Deb said...

Hahaha! Hilary, you kill me. I love how you think outside the box. I think it looks funky and fun. And, it's all good for the chickens and Bart. :)And may I just is great seeing you back posting again. Hugs, Deb

Daryl said...

love it and i think you are crazy but then so am i and i am betting L is too .. ha! normal is highly over rated

Susan said...

I love it! They'll be expecting a tiled fountain, surrounded by satin cushions next...

Susan said...

It does make it a Harem! Great idea in spite of your headaches, XOXO

Karen said...

LOL... oooh, Hilary. It's.. beautiful! Unique! Original!!

thotlady said...

Love this. Very colorful and functional.

Country Girl said...

Oh my freaking heck. You are so much fun!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Well, I love it! What a wonderful splash of color whenever you're feeling down in the dumps. It's a brilliant solution and you're brilliant for thinking of it; well done, Hilary!

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Because every thread counts