Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things you'd rather not hear.

Now that's frightening, isn't it????    What could she be referring to????

Well, it's not all bad.
Lots of good stuff going on, as well as not so good.

Good????     15 new sock rugs.   Can we hear it for L?????

They are all on my WEB SITE  and there are more to come.
These are just three of them, to give you an idea.

I picked out my faves.   But honestly, it was hard, they are all so colorful.
They make great bath mats, they are thick and thirsty.

They also make great pet beds....ask Roy, if you don't believe me, or Sydney, or Jinksie, or Miss Puss, or Kizzie, if you can find him.

Getting visits from the little princess, herself.

What, Hilary????

 Not so good???

A lady in the grocery store, storming by me and other shoppers, MUTTERING, loudly, "59 cents for Campbell's Pork and Beans.......I'm NOT PAYING THAT."

Being upright, fairly healthy, still loving what I do.


Not good, a lady in the liquor store, who had already checked out, who apparently wanted to stay and chat with whoever would chat with her.........holding up a bottle that she had just purchased.......

and announcing loudly, for all to hear............."yup, if I owned a wine company, that's the name I would pick, cause I LOVE FLIP FLOPS, wearing them (here she kicks up her foot), and everything to do with them, just LOVE them."
Oh, good grief.

Good???   Finding joy in the small things.   Like still being able to crawl into the loom.  You go, O.

Not so good????

Having to leave my acupuncture appointment, because I couldn't stop coughing.

MORE salad.   spinach, mesclun mix, hard boiled eggs, onion, feta cheese, tomato............yum.

Not so good????
Sneezing with a full bladder, while unloading groceries.    Need I say more????

Good????   Wild flowers blooming all over the yard.  
Planting high bush cranberry bushes, a persimmon tree, and arctic kiwis around my arbor.

See, it wasn't ALL bad.


Unknown said...

Ah, thank you for the laugh. After spending hours in the garden with the pitchfork, it was just what I needed.
Glad you have so many Good things. ( aren't there just some really strange people around?)

KarenInTheWoods said...

ahhh sneezing, full bladder, bags of groceries... that was MY world this morning about 9 a.m.!

Glad I was at home when it happened and not in the parking lot at the grocery store!!!!!

sandy said...

Love the sneezing part...been there a lot!!

Deb said...

That was fun even though I was a bit anxious for the 'not so good's'. Love that O. Just be glad you weren't walking Roy when THAT happened. :)

Cait Throop said...

Sneezing with a full bladder now that's something we can relate to! :) Love O...she just radiates joy in your photos. Lots of good things!!

Country Girl said...

Oh, thank God it wasn't all bad . . .

Crazy flip flops and all!

claudia w said...

Had to chuckle in sisterhood there with you at the sneeze with a full bladder. Been there, done that. You are in good company with that!
Plenty of interesting people out here to keep us on our toes aren't there? I'd pay twice that for Pork and Beans here! That woman is lucky she isn't in gool ol' California!

fiberdance said...

seems we can all relate to sneezing with full bladders! Glad you found some good in your day.

Nancy said...

Your new rugs are lovely and so colorful! Yes, they also look thirsty. I can see why Roy and the cats love to nap on them. I'm glad you had some enjoyment in your day.

Daryl said...

I empathized with that sneeze .. oh boy did I ever .. Toonman was looking at me as if I was insane as I stood there sneezing as I was grabbing .. well you know ...

Anonymous said...

I love the flower pictures you have posted. We have that here mostly purple, and my Grandma calls it Sweet Rocket. I *love* it's spicy carnation-y smell.

As to the woman who loves flip flops....it could have been worse. It's not like she loudly announced she loved (insert any one of a number of slang terms for male genitalia HERE)

Anonymous said...

The wildflowers are great! They are certainly a good thing. Oh, and I hate that bladder thing too... not good. LOL

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Because every thread counts