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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It’s a chill wind.

Finally, the electronic interface for the Louet Octado has returned.  And so far, it works just fine.
I have to wind and dye a very special warp for this.

I have decided that I am sick and tired of hauling pellets, and also done with all the dust it creates.

So today, Naya and I took a ride to the Fireplace Company, and picked out our new gas stove.

It's a Lopi, and has glass on three sides.

Unfortunately, they are swamped.......I guess I should have done this earlier, but the installation
is scheduled for January 23rd, and that's really not that far away.

I already have a buyer for the pellet stove, and the pellets, whatever is left after 6 more weeks.

I'm excited.  I know it will be more expensive to run, but sometimes things other than money have to be figured into the equation.  Old age being one of them.

When we headed for home, we stopped in Lake George, and walked along the lake.  The wind was cutting, and my face about froze off.  I stepped too close to the water, and my feet got pretty wet.

It was bracing, that's for sure.

Of course, Naya LOVED it.......she galloped around and was not one bit concerned about getting wet.

When I got home, I had my sights set of finishing up these wool hoods with attached scarves.

They are lined with soft, warm fleece.

I totally decimated my scrap pile making them.

I really do have to have one of these myself.   I love that they keep the neck warm.

I also took your advice, and bought a humidifier.   I did some research, found one that was highly recommended, and ordered it.  So far, I have had to fill it twice a day, it's putting that much water into the air.  My sinuses seem to like it, at least I don't feel like I have a cement block on my face.  That's always a plus.

I am hoping to see my grands over the are so busy these days, and their parents are, as well.  It's a juggling trick to get everyone together.

Whenever I look at their little corner of my living room, it makes me smile.
I just wish I lived closer.


Theresa said...

Try a big double tank whole house humidifier to supplement your smaller unit. they run about $150.+- and last about two years. They are NOT the best things since sliced toast but they do help.
Glad you are getting rid of the pellet stove! Love the hoods , Jamie Cristina has a pattern similar or is that it? In any event, they are wonderful!

Shammickite said...

I bet those hoods would be really comfy cosy in the really cold weather. I think you'll love the gas fireplace, I have one and it's so nice and warm and clean and easy to use.
The pics of Lake George are lovely.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts