Crazy as a Loom

Monday, August 27, 2018


Naya has probably been a crucial part of my weight loss.   Every morning, she performs a little ritual.

In short, it means, let’s go, Mom.

So sometime after 7am, up to 8:30am, I load her in the car, and drive three miles to the bike trail.

It’s a nine mile trail from  Glens Falls to Ft Edward, and it follows the canal.

This tower is where I start, and on the way back, it’s the sign of the end of a good hour long walk, at Naya’s chosen pace.

I’ve learned a lot.

1. If I don’t go early, thinking I might take today off, by mid afternoon, I’m as antsy as she is.   

I might as well go first thing, while it’s cool.

2. Walking is a great time to clear my head.  I resolve things that are bothering me.  I plan my day.  All I hear is the crunch of my feet on the gravel path.

3. The best part of losing 20+ lbs has been freeing up the space in my head, where daily I worried about it, anguished over it, and beat myself up for it.

No more.

Today I reveled in the cool morning, the feeling of being ok, with a dialed down headache. Days like this sustain me when those not so good days come along.

Got this from a blog I follow, and I love it.

When I got home from walking I started to weave on a project I’ve had in my head for’s a 


Wool silk cape.

As I was weaving, suddenly all the harnesses just dropped. CLUNK.

See that cable right there? Yep.....snapped right in two.

The problem......oh, there were several.....but the biggest one was getting that out, then getting another cable, then crimping the end after it was put back in.

Clear as mud?

Now you get it.

After a couple trips to my neighbor, who is brilliant, a couple of trips to the hardware store where they 

probably  hate me...........we finally got the new cable installed.

And it works. Sigh of relief.

I finished what I was weaving, then I made some gazpacho, because that has been on my mind for awhile.

One thing about hour long, daily ensures deep sleep at night.

Can you say “exhaustion”?

But it’s good. I’m here, I’m still on my feet.  I still love my life.

All good.


DJan said...

Thank you, Naya, for taking our girl out for a daily walk. It makes me happy to read how you're feeling so much better. And that gazpacho sure does look good to me! :-)

Peg Cherre said...

I walk every morning, too, unfortunately my little dog can't go as far as I need/want to. I also admit that since I've taken advantage of the Silver & Fit option at my local Y, I walk fewer miles each week. That gazpacho looks WONDERFUL! As does that wool-silk cape warp! We weavers must be problem solvers, tool makers, fixers of one thing and another, and PITA for our family and neighbors.

Karen said...

I love this post times 100.

Still working on losing that 20 lbs!!!!!!.... (i know, I KNOW!)

You and Naya - so good for each other. :-)

Unknown said...

Hi - I stumbled across your blog when looking at Pinterest to see how rag rugs were woven. Although I likely won't become a weaver soon (space and dollars aren't there), the LR Knost quote was one I haven't seen, and I think it may be the best advice I have ever heard.
I read through several of your logs, and I am glad that there are wonderful people like you in the world!

Pat said...

If I didn't have dogs, I wouldn't exercise. I thank them all the time.
I read your blog in the hope that some day I might excel in weaving.

Daryl said...

walking is the best form of exercise there is ... and having a willing quiet companion is ideal ...

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts