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Friday, April 13, 2018


So, yes, I am on a weight loss venture, once again.

Eleven years ago, I lost 18 pounds, then gained it back, plus 12 more.  Ouch.

Funny thing, how when you get older, your body wants to plump up.  Unfortunately, and honestly, for me, that means right around my waist.   That's absolutely the worst place for extra fat.

I have spent way too much time thinking about how much extra weight I was carrying.   For a long time, I made the excuse that my headaches made it impossible for me to concentrate on losing weight.  Food was my comfort in tough times.

Then I went the route that I was too old to be vain, hence, why lose the weight.   Just buy bigger clothes.

But one day weeks ago, I was at my daughter's, and  my year old grandson kept holding his arms up, for me to pick him up.  So I spent quite a bit of time that day, carrying him around.  He weighed about 23 lbs at the time.
When I got home late afternoon, I was exhausted.   I think I took a nap on the couch....

Then it hit me.   You were tired from lugging an extra 23 lbs around all day.
BUT, you carry around an extra 30 lbs EVERY DAY.

So acid reflux, hip pain, knee pain, get the picture???

Because I sure did.

It isn't about vanity, for sure.  I am too old for that.
But I am not too old to do something for myself, that makes me feel better on a daily basis.

So I went online then and there, and signed up for Weight Watchers, because that is where I lost the 18 lbs, 11 years ago.

I started going to the meetings, because I think the "weighing in" is crucial to my success.   There is anticipation, then gratification, that motivates me.

Snacks these days.

I will say that the "Oprah/WW" ads are totally annoying.   You can NOT eat everything you see......and I think she trivializes the whole process.   But that being said, there is a lot of freedom to eat a lot of things, just maybe not the things you want to eat, or the things you are used to eating.
But I'm adjusting, and I'm doing it.

And so far, I'm down 12 lbs, until I weigh in today, and I hope it's more.

But if I go and only lose a lb, I don't despair.   That's ONE LB of butter.   Slap that on your hip, and say hallelujah that it's gone.
I know this is a lifestyle change, but it's time.

I can't allow myself to say "oh what the hell"......I'm old, so it's ok to let myself stuff my face for no real reason.

Meanwhile, a box of mixed fibers came and Sydney confiscated the box.

I tried using some purple rayon for weft, in my fave shell draft.

Everything outside still looks dirty, but the sun setting is the focus here.

I want to stick around for these two little ones........and having an extra 30 lbs on this old body is not the way to do it.

Happiness is also being able to change drafts with the click of a mouse.

I think, though, that it's time for some weaving changes too.  I feel it, but I'm not sure I know what changes are in the wind.

Not that I don't love making these, but enough already.

Yesterday, we had the last of the windows installed.   Since I bought this old house, 13 years ago, I have been replacing windows..........
I anguished over the living room and kitchen, because they were "wavy glass", and I loved them.

But the storms were truly horrific to remove, and washing the windows was a huge job.
Plus the inside windows were painted shut.
And they were cold.

So it was time, I think.
Like me being old but not needing to be overweight.

This house is old, but it can still be better.

It's never too late for a little change.

Change can be a very good thing.

Thank you all for your kind comments about my last post.   I appreciate all of them.

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.” 
― Eric RothThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay


Theresa said...

Good for you! A wake up call to me with a Type 2 Diabetes call has made me make some changes in my lifestyle too. All for the good. Pets to Naya!

Shammickite said...

I feel that I would benefit from losing a few pounds too, but I'm not ready to commit to Weight Watchers. I'm going to try to eat more veg, more fibre, less sugar....mmmm sugar!

Karen said...

I'm finding WW is a wonderful tool, but it's a SLOW weight loss tool. Right now, 2 weeks in and 3 lbs down, I'm getting antsy, want to lose it a little faster. I think I'm eating too many of the "free" point foods. So, more tweeking is needed. Meanwhile, I've also increased my exercise.

pilch92 said...

Kitties love boxes. Your grandkids are adorable.

DJan said...

I'm so glad you realize that you want to stick around to watch those absolutely adorable kids grow up. I too struggle with my weight and get on those scales every morning whether I want to or not. It makes a difference in what I feed myself depending on the number. I've heard good things about the new WW program. :-)

Shammickite said...

The naughty grin on that little boy is a true delight!

Daryl said...

good on you ... and i think the original WW 'diet' is the best diet in the world ... whenever things feel tight i adjust by going back on it

MarthaVA said...

Ohhh - I LOVE that quote! I've never read it before, but it fits me perfectly!

Good for you for doing WW and wanting to lose the extra weight. It's never good to carry around extra (unless it's a grand child!!!!) and I carried around a lot of extra for a long time. I finally set MY mind to it. I went through the "I'm getting older, so who cares what I look like? I'm going to accept myself as I am." Then we bought a small, class B (van) RV and took a trip last year to Maine. OMG, it was hard to get in and out, it was exhausting to walk the dogs, it was hard to be in the small space, and I didn't love my knees killing me. I decided then and there to start losing weight, but not crazy dieting. I decided I want to feel better, look better, and be better.
Lots of luck on that journey!! You can do it.


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