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Sunday, March 4, 2018


I know I have been talking a lot about getting older lately.
I think one of the reasons it has been so much on my mind, is that I have felt pretty crappy all winter long.
After the flu in the beginning of December, I have not felt right.
Still coughing, still tired.  I have just not had the level of energy that I am used to.

When I went for my physical for my upcoming cataract surgery, (the second one), that I cancelled because of the flu, the doctor said that this virus has been particularly nasty and has impacted people for months afterwards.
Now that's a thought.  This nasty germ traveling around your body, wreaking havoc for an extended period of time.

I have been making a concerted effort to feel better.....taking the Vitamin D mega doses to get my levels up, trying to stay away from potato chips and other delicious/deadly things.  And of course, I've been walking.

Yesterday was Naya's BEST venture on the leash.   I think that she is just going to get this with daily walks.  Stay on my left, don't cross in front of me, stay fairly close.

I don't mind if she stops to sniff occasionally.  I don't want her pulling me off the road, however.
We can come to an agreement about this.

She has settled in now.  She is home, it is so evident.  She has a schedule, and it makes her feel safe.

Last night, I let her out, but she wouldn't go off the porch to her fenced yard.  I stepped out on the porch to try to coax her down the steps.   But she was adamant that she wasn't doing it.

Then I heard them.  Coy dogs, yipping and barking and howling just a pasture away.
She looked at me, like:  "What the hell?"

So we went in, and she luckily has a bladder of steel, and lasted the night.

She has her favorite is on her blanket on the end of the couch, but the other is on the floor  on the other side of the living room.  DH said, you should put a rug there, so I did.

Luckily, I have a stash.

I don't know how you can so quickly get to love a dog like they've been in your life forever, but I have.

Thank you, Karen, for finding her for me.

I wouldn't give her up now.

Since I have quit weaving baby wraps, I have extended my weaving to yardage.....I hope at some point to have several pieces of yardage available.

This one didn't last long, was sold a day after I posted it on FB.

Silk, soybean, tencel, and bamboo.

I have debated about giving up my web seems that I sell more on FB than I do the web site that costs me too much money every month.

Just for the sake of experiment, I put all my möbius shawls on ETSY   Crazyasaloomweaving

and sure enough, sold one within a week.    So I may downsize my web site to just a page, directing customers to Etsy, which is cheaper.

Then I will continue to post available stuff on my FB page   Crazy as a Loom Weaving 

Whatever works, that is the simplest.
I am so over complicated.

It is supposed to rain all day today, so might as well work in the studio.   Hope your Sunday is a good one.


DJan said...

I just love getting to know Naya, too. She's such a sweetheart and yes, how do they become indispensable so quickly? :-)

Theresa said...

Such a sweet girl, so glad you two have found each other too. I bet Roy is wagging his tail at you both over the bridge.
Keep an eye on those pretty paws when road walking. I'm assuming they are still using all that chemical salt on the roads in the north east? Here no salt, but a volcanic crushed rock mix instead. Cars last forever!
Hope you beat the germ right out of you soon!

Deb said...

YOU have a stash? Well, fancy that. Hugs to that darling dog.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely look at your Etsy shop... I really dislike FB, it stresses me out and confuses me! I know, crazy but well, there you have it! giggle. I so love your new pooch, just too precious for words. I'm glad she came into your life for her sake as well as yours.

I can't get over how beauteous that fabric you wove is! Love, love, love.

DH got that flu this year and was he a sick boy! Still has achy issues from it and yes, it is a terrible thought, those bugs floating around inside playing havoc.

I wish it would stop snowing... sheesh already!

Okay, I've babbled on and on so,
Hugs for now from still brrrrr New Hampshire...(p.s. please forgive any typos you might see, it's been one of those days)

C Reeder PhxAz said...

There is a rescue saying - Who rescued who? We rescue them and they rescue us right back don’t they?

Karen said...

Hilary, you two are a perfect match - so glad you were willing to trust us and embrace her. She's one lucky, lucky dog.

KarenInTheWoods said...

What a lucky dog! glad you are spoiling her rotten!

I have had an Etsy store since they started in beta mode. Love it! Often I get people who look there, but contact me to make another item or another size instead. So it's kind of an "online catalog" for me.

Also--- Etsy has a partner thing called "Pattern" that I signed up for last year. For a mere $15 a month, it puts all your Etsy site inventory automatically over onto your own domain website. It does all the work for you of maintaining a website.

It keeps track of what sold, what things you change, edits, etc from your Etsy site and mirrors them on your website. I transferred my Go Daddy domain over to use it on Pattern. It has it's own shopping cart so you don't have to deal with it or process your own credit card sales. All of the sales whether credit card or paypal, go back through Etsy, but the customer has the ease of ordering from your website instead of going through Etsy. I just get sales in my email and ship them out. Easy!

here is my Etsy

here is my Pattern:

Rita said...

I've been sick with what sounds like the same thing since the beginning of January. The nasty bug moved in with suitcases and relatives. I've had to postpone checkups for dentist and eye doctor. I'm thinking this might hang on till spring! And today we are having a snowstorm and all the schools are it may be a while--LOL! ;)

So happy it was a good pup-match. She really seems like a sweetheart...and smart, too. :)

re'New said...

So I've been conflicted lately... I really need to get my inventory online somewhere. I've got a facebook page, but don't do any real selling there. So far my focus has been on actual face to face selling at vendor events. Any insight on where the best place to try to sell? I'm such a touchy person, I'm personally not into online shopping, so it's hard to think what would attract someone to buy such a textural item from a photo. Doesn't make sense to me :)

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Because every thread counts