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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day in the life..........

OK, I confess.   I don't have a plan.
I just start writing.....and my pictures are willy nilly.  Sometimes.

Shadows fall differently in October.......

And my lovely bed of zinnias, planted from saved seeds last year, were finally hit by the frost.

Encouraged by their loveliness all summer long, I once again, cut the tops off to dry, and plan on planting the seeds again, next year.

I have two full screens upstairs, one in the front bedroom, one in the blue room which is my guest room.  But this is going to grow exponentially.  Maybe next year I will have to recruit helpers to harvest all these seeds.

But I love the process, and love that I can have more and more beautiful zinnias, from one package of seeds purchased two years ago.

This is the blue room.   If you come to visit, this is where you'll stay. :)

We had a little family dinner last week, and we were entertained by a dinosaur.   At first, my littlest was frightened, but you can see here that she got over it.

I love watching my grands grow up.  It's one of the gifts of getting older.
I struggle sometimes with the headaches, but this always encourages me to persist.

Is it 8 years? or 9? that I haven't eaten meat.
And the longer I have chickens, the less likely it is that I would ever eat one.

So the cat saga continues here at Crazy as a Loom.

This guy is deaf, for the most part, sleeps in the mulch pile, or under my car, has been in residence for about a month now.   He eats several times a day, and looks like he is gaining weight.  Might be the diatomaceous earth I put in their food, to treat worms, but whatever it is, he is looking better.
I call him DW, which is short for "dirty white boy".
Bubbalee tolerates him, Goldie vocalizes and tries to intimidate, but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Miss Puss, my indoor diabetic, has had a rough week.   Her glucose was raging, and she was doing very poorly over the weekend, when my vet was not available.  So, we ended up at the emergency vet clinic.
First, let me say that they are amazing.  Then let me add that they are expensive beyond my wildest imagination.
She spend the night there, came home Sunday, then went to her own vet on Monday, stayed overnight there, and finally, she is home, and presently at my feet snoring loudly.
She is now the $1200 queen of cats, but she has always been the queen.
Just ask her.

DH was comical, and endearing, when he handed me a generous check, to put towards my credit card, which was still vibrating from all this.
Though he seems oblivious sometimes, he is often spot on.

And L, well, you are what a true friend is all about.

I swear, if I looked up "the best friend ever" in the book of books, your picture would be there, with a grumble underneath it, saying "don't take my picture!"

What we learn about life, when we least expect it, eh?????

It's been a tough couple of weeks.  
I had a massage, that included work on my neck.
Big, big mistake.  Instant slamming headache behind my eyes that has persisted day after day.

Finally got in for an osteopathic manipulative treatment yesterday, and I think it is somewhat better.

One day at a time, as I am reminded so often.
One day at a time.


Deb said...

Enjoyed your post, Hilary. I know what you mean...Annie and Audrey are money pits and keep me broke but well worth it. I hope she is doing better now. Love the new guy...very handsome. Here's to your health *as she raises her coffee cup*

Karen said...

Those cats are so lucky to have your love and care. Kudos for doing all that you do...

Love the new DW!!.. I'd take him if my dogs wouldn't eat him.

Here's to more better days than bad ones.

sue said...

Oh that last picture! The golden light of Fall is simply a gift. Thanks for sharing.

Joyful Noise Weaving said...

You are such an inspiration! Thanks for your posts.

Angela Tucker said...

Good evening, Hillary. Your pictures are amazing! The picture with father and son facing each other is a keeper!

I have to laugh about your zinnias. When I moved into my house, it was marigolds. I don't think I bought a flower seed for about 10 years. They started as huge multi-colored flowers, but as the years passed, it seemed that they reverted back to what I imagine was the beginning of a marigold. Very interesting.

I, too, had a $1000 alley cat. LOL Miss Kitty was not a pick-up kitty and barely tolerated petting. But, she was my kitty, so I paid the bills and worked the overtime. LOL

I hope that you feel better soon. And yes, sometimes one day at a time is all that can be managed without screaming to the sky.

Penny said...

I was saddened as well when the frost finally got to my zinnias! After plucking seeds for my beds next year I left them for a few days so the gold finches could harvest more seeds, then cut and spread them out in a "waste" area that needs a face lift. Next spring I should have many beautiful flowers without any additional work. Hope you enjoyed lots of hummingbirds and butterflies this past summer!

Devon said...

That last picture with the fall colors was just beautiful. Imagine looking out your window and seeing that view! I'm glad your kittie is ok now. She is lovely!

Daryl said...

i love DW ... all white/pure white w/blue eyes usually is the indicator of deafness .. and i feel so bad for all involved in Miss Puss' hospitalization ... keeping diabetes under control in cats is a head scratcher at times

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great photos, sweet grandkids and wonderful old kitty. We lost our Miss Kitty a couple years ago, she just couldn't go on, and we still miss her. Your chicken for dinner was sweet - and funny and I love that you are collecting the seeds for next year. I do the same - but on a smaller scale, as I garden only on the deck these days (many deer in the neighborhood think if I plant things in the ground that I am planting it for them, I love the deer, but I want my flowers to at least get a chance to bloom.) Love the scene through the window.

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