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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hey there.

   A couple of fellow bloggers have talked lately about their infrequent blogging, and why it's that way.
So, interested, I looked back.

Here's my blogging history:

2007- 7 entries
2008- 35  ( getting used to it)
2009- 205 (definitely warmed up)
2010-241  (on a roll)
2011- 328 ( steaming along!)
2012- 260 ( slowing down a bit)
2013-156 ( REALLY slowing down)
2014- 101 ( ouch, being slugginsh)
2015 to date: 55  ( almost full circle)

I know that my head injury and surgeries had some impaction my blogging, along with everything else, and all that started 8/11/11, a date that is etched on my brain somewhere.
But I think it is more than that.
First off, people changed. Blogs serve a purpose, and sometimes that purpose changes as we do.
Then again, maybe we run out of interesting things to say without repeating ourselves.
And too, life gets busy, and we get out of the habit of making time for it.

All of these things are true.   I blog when I want to, when it moves me, and I'm not going to let it get any more complicated than that.

Jinksie is adjusting, though I think it's going to take some time.
She misses Kizzy terribly, I know she does.   She still spends a lot of time in the attic where they used to hide out together, but she is venturing out more.  On this particular morning, she slept on the bench while I wove.

Lois and I finished a blue jean rug order.

And a couple of 4x6 rugs.

And sometimes,  I do a little "night weaving."



Deb said...

Hi Hilary - I never think about how much I blog or how often others do. I just enjoy reading about your life when you want to share something. Simple. I love your evening shots. The lighting is really nice. Poor Jinxie. I wish it wasn't so damn hard on them when they lose a companion. It must be awful just never knowing why they suddenly disappeared. I feel so bad for her. Give her a hug for me. :( Deb

pwofford said...

My blog reader used to hold dozens of posts every day --more than I could keep up with. Now it's much more manageable. A lot of people have cut back, it's true. Yours is one of my favorite blogs, so I'm glad you continue to post -- on your terms.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I feel so bad for Jinx. When my Kit died it left Sadie as an only cat. They didn't always get along but I know that Sadie grieved for her and she wandered the house for days looking for her. Sadie is still an only cat and she is queen of the household.
NIght time photo of the loom is nice.

Daryl said...

i have been posting a post a day for going on 8 years ... the format of my blog has changed evolved over the years, at one point i had two blogs .. but it was beginning to get tough to maintain two .. so back to the one .. i wish i had more time to blog visit and reply to comments (tho there aren't that many) ... over the years my blog has sort of become an outlet i need ... so as long as that feeling persists i will keep on blogging .. i hope you do too

Vicky said...

So many seem to be stepping back a bit from blogging- and you're right- for whatever their reasons. I know I've certainly gone down in the number of posts I do. It does seem like "habit" is part of the equation, so I'm trying to stick to one a week at least. Hope others find what works for them and stick with it too!

SMitch said...

For those of us that have found you recently, would you be willing to link to some of your previous posts with some explanation of your injury and recovery? I'm curious!

518Frenchgirl said...

Hi Hilary, I think I like reading others blogs more than writing my own, especially with the trouble with importing photos! Your pictures are so nice, your studio is so comfortable and suits your needs. I hope to blog about the construction of my dye kitchen/studio soon!

Anita Johnson said...

I've had my ups and downs with blogging too. It used to bother me, but now I go with the flow. In the summer when there is so much to photograph, I'm out and about more. In the winter I have more time on my hands but less to photograph. This year I might be sharing summer pictures in February! I love that blue jean rug. I have the perfect place for it in my new house! Your work is beautiful!

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Because every thread counts